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Hi everyone,

I thought that this might be a good place to introduce Perma-Chink System's new finish; Lifeline Ulta-7.


Lifeline Ultra-7 is a new technology, water-based finish with superior adhesion and performance for horizontal and vertical surfaces.


The finish is flexible, breathable, and is made with transparent iron oxides and advanced polymer resign.


Lifeline Ultra-7 is a one coat finish that is protected by 1 coat of our Lifeline Advance clear topcoat. Which comes in a Satin or Gloss.


One of the great things about it is that it can also be used on decks, outdoor furniture, railings, and most other exterior wood projects. When used on decks, railings, or outdoor furniture we would advise one coat of Ultra-7 and no topcoat.


Here is a link to the official advertisement that you can find in many current Log Home Magazines;

You can also check out for more info.


If you have any questions or would like samples sent feel free to email me at;


Best regards,

Kevin, PCS Redmond

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I use your products and they are great!
We are professional applicators based in Ohio and just completed our first project using Ultra 7... OUTSTANDING product. Easy application, superior coverage, we're going to recommend it.  Wayne

Very excited. Just got our samples.


Beth Borrego

See Dirt Run Inc.

How does this vary from your previous version?

We used your products for our cabin when we built in 2009, and continue to use them for our touch up etc.  Additionally, we loved your products for the deck as well.

The one product that hasn't worked out as well for us is the caulk......but other's mileage may vary.....





Hi Steve,

It's a technology upgrade. It has more advanced Polymer Resins and every color has transparent iron oxide pigments. From all of our testing Ultra 7 should have the best adherence, colorfastness, longevity, vapor permeability, and UV protection of any of our finishes to date.


As for your problems with our sealant, I would be happy to look at pictures and work with you over the phone or through emails to try and figure out why your problems happened and what we can do to help you get them solved. My email is, and my direct line at work here is 425-952-2017. OR you can call our toll free line; 1-800-548-3554 and ask for extension 2017.


I look forward to helping you with your projects.

Kevin, PCS Redmond

Kevin, thanks for the reply.  Love the stain we used, used the log wash, the clear coat, the deck stain etc.  Looking forward to working with the new stuff when the time comes.  I assume all the “old” colors are available and they blend together with existing stuff fine right?


I can email you on the sealant.  It wasn’t the end of the world, just cracked on us and since we botched on the color I began replacing it will sealant provided with our log kit (to both be consistent with the sealant color as well as we’ve had better luck with the other stuff).  I liked your stuff, perhaps it was the application etc. that just didn’t work in our case.  It seems like a very good product and I wouldn’t suggest against it for others.


So far the Check-Mate stuff has done pretty well, although matching the color is a real challenge.


I don’t think there is a better suite of products available overall, it just comes with a little learning curve.

Hi Steve,

We shouldn't have any problem getting you the right colors when it comes time to do some maintenance down the road. Most of the older products are still available and the new finish comes in some of the same colors as some of the old finishes.


Feel free to email me about the sealants, or to send pictures of your home. It would be great to see the finished project.


Thanks for the compliments, we do the best that we can to provide a complete wood care system. I hope that you continue to enjoy your log home for many years.


Best regards,

Kevin, PCS Redmond


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