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How about some ideas on lighting. Kitchen mostly. Tracking??? over head?? Not sure what i want. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Maybe some pix i can look at?


Thanks so much!

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I thought about track lighting, but I wasn't certain if I could 'work it into' the feel I was looking for. I did two large hanging pendants (uplight) higher up toward the peak on the south side and one lower down on the north side. Then one small pendant from the same line of fixtures over the sink and two more of the smaller ones over the bar (all 3 downlights). Also have some lighting with the exhaust fan over the stove. It SEEMS to be enough. More than any other room in the house really. So that's 5 separate fixtures. Hmm...that's a bunch, huh? The uplights come on with one switch, the smaller downlight pendants with another. I'll see if I can get some good pics and post them.
Wow, taking a whole different direction for a moment! How did you vent your exhaust fan over the stove? thanks for the lighting ideas!!
Hi: Julie and I put a raised subfloor on our loft using 2 X 8 s which allowed us to use canned lighting in the kitchen as well as provide a space to install our venting for the kitchen stove as well as the main floor bathrooms. Worked well for us. Dave.
Hi Victoria,
Here are a few articles that might help you determine exactly what you're looking for:

The same solutions won't work equally for all your rooms, so spend some time researching the different options and the pros and cons of each. Lighting a log home can be tricky, but if done well, you really can showcase your masterpiece.

Best of luck!
Our home is somewhat small so we kept it simple. Pendant light over the sink (on dimmer), under cabinet flourescent lights (low, med & high - or off) and "hockey puck light on top of the cabinets - aiming up. We have a Cabela's canoe chandelier over the Kitchen/Dining table. Feel free to email me if you want.
OMG...they are great pictures!! getting even more excited now! Charlie and i have 1 more log to go on row A!!! phew!
thanks again..

Hi! Our kitchen is directly under our loft, so we were able to used several canned lights. We also have a pot rack w/ light over the island, a light over the sink, and one over our stove (in the hood section of our microwave). For future use, we had our electricians install plugs above our cabinets for accent lighting above & below the cabinets. Hope you find this helpful. Good luck to you.


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