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Hi, we own a 34-year-old log cabin (we bought it just less than two years ago). Does anyone have great ideas for lighting our living room? Every other room we've got decent lighting, but this is the one room that has no overhead light. We have five table lamps in the room (and one floor lamp), but it still is very dark in there. We had an electrician come in to see if we could put in some other types of lights, but of course with cathedral ceilings and solid logs, there's no way after the fact to get attractive lights in there. We looked into LED battery wall sconce lights, but all the reviews say they're not very bright at all, so that won't help much.

We literally cannot read in this room unless you're right next to a lamp. Any ideas for me?


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glad to help, and glad rick had a photo. there are many different styles of fixtures, mostly all modern, but i like the look too. google "cable track lights" or try - which has a bunch of selections.
let me know how that goes ....

There are a lot of companies that carry LV Cable Ltng, here is a site that you can get started with your research

Good Luck,
Many thanks!


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