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It's been interesting over my lifetime to hear the different road names were log home owners put there log home.

Names like, Log Cabin Rd., Logger Rd., Duck Pond Lane.

I would like to hear what your road is.

I don't need your address, would just like to hear the road name.

I don't want to get in trouble.

It will be interesting to hear the different road name.

Just For Fun!


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Mine is on "Otter Street". Which I find very appropriate since we're on a small lake!
Hi Shelley Martinez,

I like that name!! Are you out in the country or in a rural area?

We are in a "woodsy" area - but not too far from "civilization."
Somewhere in deep, rural countryside, there is a road called "Panorama", that would be me. And I believe that says it all.
Rita - just your road's name alone evokes lovely images!!
Hi Rita Hickey,

What a great name. A great view in every direction.

Our building site in WV is on Hacker's Creek Road....Not that we are
Hi Tim,

Great name for a road!

And no I do not think you are hackers....... lol

Thanks for sharing!

They named ours Sycamore Trail. I'd like to know what people named their property itself too, if anyone feels like sharing. We have friends that named their home "Raven's Roost".
I too am trying to come up with a creative name for our home and property. It's a name that could last for centuries, so it's pretty important to me. Where I grew up, there are old farmsteads that still have the names that were assigned to them a hundered years ago.
Hi Charlotte,

I am sure you will come up with a creative name for your property.
Let us know when you do!

We named ours "The Loons' Nest." We had a sign made up for it as well - it's posted on my photo page. We named it for the beloved Loons on our lake.


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