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It's been interesting over my lifetime to hear the different road names were log home owners put there log home.

Names like, Log Cabin Rd., Logger Rd., Duck Pond Lane.

I would like to hear what your road is.

I don't need your address, would just like to hear the road name.

I don't want to get in trouble.

It will be interesting to hear the different road name.

Just For Fun!


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We decided to call our place, Hidden Bend Retreat.
Hi Kelly,
How about Cedar Lane on Log Home Road?
Hi Randy Comber,

Love the name Cedar Lane On Log Home Road!
Thank you for sharing!

Nice topic. I live in a "Real Log" home on Log Road, but previously lived on Lincoln St. I guess Lincoln Log was
Hi Ken,

Thank you for sharing. I thought this was a nice topic too!

I really like the name Log Road.

And you are probably right that Lincoln Log was inevitable.

Again thanks for sharing!

When we finish ours, we will have 4 log homes in a row, but it is just long driveway. I guess all roads are, afterall, long driveways - so we too should have a name. So far, it is just called Log Cabin Airport. Would it be too un-creative to name it Log Cabin Airport Road? I am finding that Log Home people are so artistic and creative that this could be a fun contest.
Bill Ward
Good Afternoon Bill,

I would agree that Log Home people are truly artistic and creative.

I like the name Log Cabin Airport Rd.

Or you can name it Quaddrople Log Cabin Rd.

Again thanks for sharing. I really enjoy all the road names were people have there beautiful log homes.!

Good Morning Kelly,
I'm thinking of something more laid back and comfortable. Quaddrople sound like a math or engineering problem. Maybe Lazy "A" Lane? "A" could be for Airport or other things.
Ours is TwoDawg Mountain Lane------------it's at the end at the top of this mountain. We got to name it in honor of our two dogs-----------lol ! Could be tho that it was named for us two old dawgs who live here too ! LOLOL !
Hi Kathie,

You made me laugh on your road name. It must be good carma is why your road ended up with that name.

Thanks for sharing!

Mine is on Notch Hill Road
Hi Niamh,

Thanks for sharing your road name. I really enjoy all the road names.



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