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I would like to know what product is on your home, how long has it been on there for, how often does it need to be restained, how do you feel it is holding up, any problems, the geographical area your home is in, and whether you did it yourself or hired a professional to do it?

I would appreciate the feed back as it will only help educate everyone who particapates.

Please stay on topic, this isn't about who thinks what is better than anything else, just honest feedback.

Thank you for taking the time.


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I have Q8 Log Oil ( on my log home and has been there for 4 years now.  The label on the bucket says to expect re-apply every 4-8 years.  It looks to be holding up well as it still has good color and water is still beading up on the surface telling me that the repellent is still good.  I've experienced no problems with it at all.  My home is located in the Upstate of South Carolina and I hired a local log home builder/restorer professional to apply it (I don't have the time or ladders/scaffolding to do it myself).

Thanks Mr. Parsons, I forgot to ask whether or not the home is exposed to the sun or in a shadey environment, just so everyone has a complete understanding of how the stain preforms in these 2 environments.

Jesse - The south end of the house is "protected" by a large pergola which has bushy vines growing on it.  It allows beautiful/natural shade on this end of the house without the expense of a porch.  We have a stone patio underneath and with the coverage of the plant life above will keep this area about 5-10 degrees cooler than the rest of the lawn.  The east side of the house has a partial porch and the west side has a 3/4 length porch.  One gable end of the house and shed dormer face south and one side of the shed dormer faces west.  These gables/dormers that are fully exposed also have kept the Q8 Log oil color and water repellency intact.  I have about a 25-30' fire break around the house as I am full surrounded by trees on 22 acres.  There are about 7 trees in this fire break area, otherwise it is all lawn.  Hope this answers your questions.....Donald

Great details!

I think all who is searching for a high quality log home stain should take the time to look past the sales claims and the "limited guarantees" and look to the professionals out in the field who spend every day restoring and maintaining log and cedar homes. 

MM Wood Restoration & Protection has been in business since 1998 and have restored and maintain thousands of log homes across Washington, Idaho, and California.  Everyone should see their website at to see what their using........


Every manufacturer is going to say their stuff is the best, nature of the game..........

I agree with you about looking past the sales claims, I was even trying to look past anyone who stands to make a profit from finishing or refinishing log homes and just have the homeowners provide feedback so its more natural without any outside influences. Thanks for your input.



We used Sikkens Cetol SRD Transparent Satin Stain sealer on our Kuhns Bros 8" D profile logs.  Our home is now two years old and was first sprayed immediately following completion of the exterior walls (prior to the windows and doors going in).  This allowed the openings to be sealed.  A second sprayed coat was applied and back brushed after the exterior trim was completed (prior to installing the metal roofing).


We applied another (hand brushed) coat this fall after applying chinking (Sikkens Tan Log Jamb) to the log seams.  We let the chinking cure for three plus weeks before applying this last coat.  (In Colorado there isn't any such animal as "chinkless logs", very dry winters here).  As a side note I would not advise chinking new logs, in Colorado they need a couple years to find out they are no longer trees.


Our logs should now be in good shape for for three to five years with only minor touch-up on the southern exposures.  The UV protection and oil based nature of Cetol make it an excellent choice and it comes in a variety of stain colors.  Conclusion; we are thrilled with the satin finish and natural golden glow our hand-peeled logs.  Check out the Sikkens web site for more information on all of their products and applications ( I'm not a dealer or a builder, just a satisfied customer).



Mr. Morgan,

Thanks for your response, I'm curious as to how the Sikkens SRD performs down in southern Colorado, I've had great results at lower altitudes with the product but the only Sikkens products I've used the past few years in Colorado are the Log and Siding and the Cetol 1, and 23 plus. I tend to pass through the Mancos area a lot (in-laws in Farmington, NM) and wouldn't mind stopping in sometime next fall to take a look at the stain, if you don't have any objections? Have a great holiday season!

Love to have you stop by when you are in the area next.  Send me an email and I will share my contact information.


Merry Christmas....Ron

I used Blairstown PA Honey Guard 2000. It seem to be an excellent product(Oil Stain). First year one coat, 3rd year one coat, I will have to re- stain in about 5 to 8 yrs. The only draw back using an oil stain is that you can not you a top coat to make it shine, which is no problem because it looks good without. Most people prefer shine on logs, but your just cutting your own throat, because I beleive all of the top coats peel off anyway. The people at Blaairstown are very helpful and will give yoiu great advice even if they lose money they will tell you the truth.

Good Luck,
Ray Mazza(

Mr. Mazza,

The product you are talking about, is it manufactured by Woodguard? If it is not, would you be able to provide a website address for more information? I've used a product in the past, few years back, and I can remember the "Honey 2000" but to be actually specific about the product, I can't recall.

Thanks for your response.


The website is  Telephone number is 1800 524 1093, please advise thenm I asked you to call. These guys saved me thousands of dollars when they could have let me hang myself with other companies and gave me great advice on the do's and dont's.  I think personally thus far they are the most honest people out there and have the best product that I could find. And yes you are right it is a wood guard product.


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