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I would like to know what product is on your home, how long has it been on there for, how often does it need to be restained, how do you feel it is holding up, any problems, the geographical area your home is in, and whether you did it yourself or hired a professional to do it?

I would appreciate the feed back as it will only help educate everyone who particapates.

Please stay on topic, this isn't about who thinks what is better than anything else, just honest feedback.

Thank you for taking the time.


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I thought that my pictures were in the doccument that i just sent and they were not.  I will look further, because i know that i have them, but have not looked at them for a long time.  I am enclosing another letter that i sent to my marketing and production company.  It is again not meant for the public, but it expresses the problem of being different.  Also, the difficulty with samples is that you will not be able to tell that it really works as we are saying for probibly five years.

The majority of what we install is Perma-Chink. We have worked with it for many years and have seen first hand how durable it is. We have also used the Q8 log oil, and it is easy to apply and maintain too.


The key to any finish is the maintenance. If you go past the expected life or fail to keep up with problem sides, it will cost you more in the long run and lead to frustration.


Regardless of what you choose, prepare to keep it maintained.



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That's great advice Beth.

There isn't a finish out there that doesn't require some maintenance.

It helps to have all of the information before you choose a system of products for your home. We always tell people tp make sure that they do plenty of research before deciding on what finish is right for them.

Find out how much coverage you will get per gallon. Compare not only the cost of the products but the coverage rates, the projected maintenance costs and the time that will be spent doing the work. Are the products made specifically for log or wood sided homes? Does the company have a complete system of products that are all compatible with each other? Does the product include a warranty? What are the pre-finish steps that moust be taken? Talk to others that have used the products. Talk to the professionals that apply the products.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a finish system! Once a person does make the choice they should make sure that they will be able to commit to following the manufacturers directions from start to finish as well as their maintenance instructions.

-Kevin, Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. Redmond, WA

My husband and I live in a timber frame home with wood siding.  We used UV Guard products on the exterior and so far are pleased with its performance!  We'll have to let you know after a couple more years.

We just have a typical log house build by one of the house builder here. There was once a leak in the roof, and it went all the way to the wall. Just a water stain.. We asked for a professional help and they were good. They had the roof fixed, and we now put anti-termites every year in each corner of the house. Next time if ever there will be stain again, I'll be using the stain remover mentioned for less expenses. Thanks for sharing. By the way, the house builder site is


Based on all the research that was available at the time we sealed out cabin (2009) we chose the Perma-Chink Ultra2 system and have been pleased with the results.  So far so good.  We'll need to do a little touch up here and there and keep up with the regular maintenance but we found it was an easy product to work with.


I used a sprayer along with back brushing for application of the Ultra 2 stain, we brushed the top coat as it was easier.


We also used Perma-Chink's deck products as well, very happy with the results so far, but it has only been on the deck since summer 2010, we'll see how it holds up.  I do have to go back and even out the color in some places as we rolled it and back brushed and you can tell some of the places where the roller had a full load vs. light big deal.  I tell my wife that the first person we have over that mentioned those spots gets was a shame I had to hit my father, but I kept my word, not that I hit him hard......


Consider as an option TWP made by Gemini Coatings.


We just applied Q8 to our Southland log home in upstate South Carolina.  We also put it on the log two car garage.  The old stain had basically powdered and was not providing any water resistancy.  The home was built about ten years ago.   We were able to strip the old stain rather easily with a low pressure power washer.  The home is two stories and has no shade at all.  It sits on top of a knoll and gets lots of wind because the trees are about 200-300 yards away. 

The stain went on very easily.  We applied it with a one gallon pump sprayer until the logs refused to the oil then brushed it with the grain.  I calculated that we would need 25 gallons and it looks like we may need an additional gallon or two to finish some trim and the back deck.  

I am not sure what the original stain was, but the previous owner applied Woodguard 2000 Honey 4 years ago and I was not inclined to use it again.

We certainly will watch the finish and if in 4-8 years we need to put on a boost coat we will.  

We used the Outlast Q8 Log Oil Stain, Natural Base purchased from Southland Homes in Irmo, SC


We just put Sashco Transformation on ours decks and porch. Loved how the wood shows through.

I have always used permachink products.  Easy to apply, water-based, easy clean up. I also use their clear-coat, and our stain last 7 or more years.  Two sides of our home are exposed to the sun, so it does last.  Great product!!!

Hi Jesse!  I know your question is from quite awhile ago but this may help you or someone else... I have a large log home in Colorado (7500 sq ft, 20 years old) that sits across from St. Mary's Glacier at 10,500 feet... trees have been mitigated so the house is very open to the sun and wind... and nobody gets more wind than we do at 10.500 feet, lol (often over 100 mph in the winter).  My neighbors stained their cedar house last fall with a traditional "big box store" stain and are already doing the decks again this year and will likely have to do the house again next year... not uncommon with our fierce sun & wind here.  When I bought my house 4 years ago I stripped it and stained/finished it using Superdeck products from a mountain-store... the sales rep was really helpful and I thought I had a good product... it was a nightmare!  After 5-6 weekends of prepping the house, I applied the Superdeck stain/sealer... and it turned the logs "rosey/mauve"... the store-guy drove 50 miles to look at it, tested the PH, and was sure Superdeck would stand behind it.  They would not, they offered to replace the "product" which was crazy, I spent another 4-5 weekends restripping their product.  Then I found Timberflex at my local Sherwin Williams store.  I am INCREDIBLY happy with the product.  I used "clear satin" and it just slightly colored my logs and the satin finish gives a soft glow/patina.  The house has now been through 3 winters and 3 summers... I'll probably apply another coat to the front next summer (that gets the harshest weather) but I'm guessing the rest of the house will last 5-6-7 years before I reapply.  I put the Timberflex on with a brush because I had cleaned the stain off the chinking (previous owners sprayed something on it many, many years ago)  ... I'm pretty fussy so I'd rather take the time to brush it on and get it in all the cracks, etc.  If you live in Colorado, stop by to take a look sometime... about 1 hour from Denver.  Good luck! Jim

what product is on your home:    Sikkens Cetol 1 & 23 Plus on the home &  Sikkens SRD for the floors of our open deck (gets most of our direct sun), covered deck, support posts, and stairs. 

how long has it been on there:    Home 2.5 years;  porch 1.5 years

how often does it need to be restained:  Home - all we've had to do so far is use a log wash once a year.  Such an easy way to bring back the original sheen.    Porch - may have to redo the floor of the open deck next spring - it gets about 4 hours of direct sun; everything else still looks great!

how do you feel it is holding up:  fantastic; couldn't be happier.  Our South side gets about 4 hours direct sun and is still holding strong.  Our Westside (w/dormers) is shaded and gets some late afternoon direct sun and they're holding up as well. 

any problems: not with the stain itself

the geographical area your home is in:  Southeast mountain area

whether you did it yourself or hired a professional to do it:  builder hired a paint/stain contractor


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