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So the wife and are in our log home, thanks to Peele Timber out of Middlesex NC.,. They are the best people and working crew that any one can afford. Truly a wonderful experience from start to finish. If there's any questions in-regards to having your log home built by these great folks, then please send me an email. NOW back to SL, almost 15k deposit gone with just a set of stamped plans. Not one 2x4 or piece of log cut from them. Sat with a salesman, asked lots of questions, including a rough estimate of final build cost, made changes on a model, agreed on a price, SING A CONTRACT then PUT A DEPOSIT DOWN,  then they give you builder references, contact there builders and WHAM, No wheres near the rough quoted price of building this home. In fact , its about 2 times more than the quoted price AND thats just to start. TRY TO CANCEL THE CONTRACT. WRONG.  Remember, not one piece of wood of any kind has been cut, just a set of stamped plans. Go back to the saleman, wife in tears, saleman says you'll have to just pay for the plans. Ok , so we get most of our money back. WRONG again. Not one dime back. Call and talk to "THE" manager, SORRY but you signed a contract, they are an independent G.C., and out of our control. REMEMBER , NOT ONE PIECE OF WOOD CUT, almost 15k gone. 

Do a lot of research on SL , and then think it over and over again. The research shows way more negatives than positives from this company. RUN AWAY.

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I would call the Attorney Generals Office.

Confused? What company took your money and what project did you pay them for? 

I am also looking for a reputable company to stain my house. I live in Wake Forest.

Hello Sharie,

Give these folks a look -


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