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Looking for fellow applicators and log home service contractors...

Looking for fellow applicators and log home service contractors interested in joining a new national trade association dedicated to training in professional business practices, certification and participation in a national referral program. Email me for details.



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hey Wayne just got off the phone with Jack Black this program you are working on
is great.there is a demand for this,also we have a list of independent contractors
that will come out and give you a bid on what needs done to you home.If you need
anything give me a call 800-548-3554.Jack is a good man to work with.
Thanks Greg... we've taken a long time putting this together and I appreciate your encouragement. I'll tell Jack that you checked in! Thanks again.
Thanks for the reply, Beth. You may not remember but we have spoken several times in years past... back when PWNA was starting up! I've always respected your input and will look forward to talking to you about this. Would you please email me your contact information, including preferred email address for information.

Thanks again!

Wayne Bell
Wow...that IS going back a ways, but you're right. Long time! Email sent. My links are in the post above as well.

Thanks for all the positive comments and suggestions! If you know of anyone we should contact about this please let me know. Thanks again!
Send me some info!

Send me some info, I might be interested...

Dave Reed
A Touch Above Painting Contractors, Inc.
Dave.... you're on the list. Thanks! Wayne
hey Wayne I am going to get in touch with John Wilmes from Mo and tell him about
this,he is a great applicator for Mo and surrounding area,also does contracting work.
He is also in the log home u community.Greg
Thanks Greg... I believe I may have met John before... perhaps at one of your excellant workshops. He may remember exchanging emails with me. Thanks! Wayne
Hey Wanye,John Wilmes with RBJ out of Warrenton Mo. I am glad you are starting a project such as this.
I really get tired of being under bid by people who don't know what they are doing, and going back to the home and seeing a blotched job .I wouldn't mind it so much if the other contractors had even the slightest
idea of what they are doing.This sounds like what is needed to get it started. I have been talking to a manager of a large paint and stain chain store about this very same idea.You and I have met last year "08" at the seminar of Greg's. Your card sits right here on my desk with the other "GREATS" to call if we need good information. I look forward to our next meeting, please send me any information on this that is available.
Again, Thanks John


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