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It seems a never ending battle with mold/mildew on my log home.  The home is about 30' tall at the peak so it's difficult to get on ladders each spring/fall and scrub the logs to clean them.  If I just spray on Log Wash, it doesn't do anything unless I scrub.

I just stained my home 2 years ago.  I pressure washed it last summer and washed it again earlier this spring.  I use Log Wash.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent this?  Or is this just the log home life and I should get used to it?  I've been dealing with this for 19 years now :)

It wouldn't be so bad if I could just spray something on the logs and the solution would take off the mold/mildew, but it seems I have to hand scrub to get any impact.  With a 3500 sq ft log home, 2 stories, that's a lot of hand scrubing ;)

I've attached some pictures.  There is both white and black mold in various places on my home.  I appreciate any feedback.


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So I just went on the Outlast website who is the maker of MOLD BUSTER and they claim that this product only works "UP TO" 3 years (meaning it can also work less like 1 or 2 years). Any product that uses the word "UP TO" in their product longevity language clearly wants to protect themselves from liability claims.

Again, not doubting that you had issues but I just don't believe that Sascho was the problem here. I would highly recommend trying the product below. I'm sure that there are other great ones out there also but this one worked for me.

Here is Stay-Cleans website details: 

 How long does the Stay-Clean I/E last? It will last for 3-5 years depending on conditions.

Nicolas, thank you for the info on Stay-Clean I/E, I have not seen that product anywhere before. I will look into it and make note of it in our next issue of Log Living Gazette as we are always interested in introducing new products to others.

I do not believe that using Mold Buster led to our TRANSFORMATION issue, though, because we had to have it down almost every other year, which is terrible. Plus,as I said, the same issue is seen by many, many others here who have used TRANSFORMATION and heaven knows what mold deterrents they used, if any. 

 We know of several well seasoned log home finishing companies in the PA/NY/OH who have told us they see exactly the same mold/mildew issue with TRANSFORMATION as we have experienced. 

I think it is the weather in the tri-state area that just is not conducive to that finish's formulation because i have friends out west who have TRANSFORMATION on their homes with no issue so far, but their area is more dry than ours and there is less pollen in the air. TRANSFORMATION does remain kind of "tacky" and attracts pollen and dust, which are difficult to remove without scrubbing and washing frequently. Who knows, maybe it is a combination of the two - tacky and water absorbing, that is the root cause.

When I saw Timothy's pictures, they looked almost exactly like the problem we and others in our tri-state area see with TRANSFORMATION.

Oh, and one last thing Art that I forgot to mention-

If you used Sashco Transformation like you mentioned above, then you would know that the transformation application directions do not say to apply a clear topcoat as the stain itself has the glossy finish on the 3rd coat (like you can see from my pictures) and this allows the wood to breathe

Only their Sashco Cascade line states to apply the clear topcoat so if you did apply a clearcoat on the transformation stain that itself may have been the reason for your issues. 

We used solely the TRANSFORMATION in a specific tint for all applications. No other "clear coat" was applied. And the applicator was one certified by Sashco and he is the one who purchased everything used.

He claims that Sashco Transformation is clear 

 "it looks like you have a clear finish on your logs, something like Sashco's Transformation"

now he says its tinted

Anyone who brings 'independent testing' into their argument lacks validity, no matter what the argument is.

"Colorado Log Home Finishing": Once again, you cannot r-e-a-d. TRANSFORMATION does come in a natural/clear color, so why must you insist on being such an obstinate and nasty person on comments. I see that you sell and use TRANSFORMATION, good for you. If it works in your area, use it, but it is NOT suitable in our area and has been lab tested by another party and it came back as conducive to mold/mildew growth. That said, I will leave you to be the miserable person you must be. When it comes to be TECHNICAL, stick to removing and applying finishes as you certainly cannot understand simple science and analyze field data.

Sashco Transformation Log and Timber does not come in a clear.  And clear and Natural are not the same, it’s like saying red and green are the same, they are not.  This knowledge is not unique to Colorado.

Please realize that your worst critics are really your best friends and you will expand your understanding of Transformation and other aspects of life.

Colorado Log Finishing:

Buddy, get a life and learn to accept what is. The natural finish on homes like ours, which are Eastern white pine, looks very much like the finish was clear. I am not sure if you are just having a bad day or are mentally challenged, but I am reporting your incessant belittling to teh Forum Administrator as this is a place for helping people and that is exactly what i offered - a solution to a problem, nothing more and nothing less. All you have offered is criticism and no substance to help the inquirer. Nuff said, signing off now so I do not have to see/hear your nonsense.

There is no moderator here, Mom.

Yeah, that natural color from Sashco is definitely on the light side for sure (and I am in no way trying to continue to disagree) but lighter pigments like that are also very known for offering the absolute least protection on a log home and require the absolute most maintenance re-coats. I opted to go with Sashco's darkest pigment because I wanted guaranteed protection for the longest amount of time. 

I can see that the exchanges between you and Colorado Log Home Finishes were becoming a little heated but before you write him off as just some nobody, you may wanna take a look at their work and reputation on this forum. He isn't just some home owner sharing his experience about his 1 log house and a few neighbors (no offense), he has been finishing hundreds of gorgeous log homes all over Colorado for many years and his work is absolutely top notch. I think he knows what he is talking about. 

Nicholas, actually I told Colorado Log Home Finishing that I DID agree with him on certain  parts of what he said. What i do object to is his lack of acceptance of other professional log home finishers in our tri-state area, my observations and experience as a log home dealer and the experiences of many other area log home owners. What works well in Colorado may not work in our tri-state area because of our climate differences, and I hold to that base don fact. Furthermore, independent lab tests show that TRANSFORMATION is hygroscopic and is mildew/mold prone and that is irrefutable proof. One thing I learned in corporate life as a VP is that when a person reacts as arrogantly as that, they are not worthy of one's business as they are hiding something.

I did use Sashco Transformation stain.  Originally I used Woodgaurd but had mold issues as well.  I am so frustrated with the house that I'm ready to sell which is sad since I like the house, I just don't like fighting the mold.

I appreciate the feedback.  It sounds like I need to avoid oil based stains.  What is a good non oil based stain which is less prone to mold?



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