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Hi, I'm on the final part of my log home build in Transylvania, Romania. We've just had the interior logs stained ( clear) using a water based product designed for logs. 

Within a week, black spots started to appear all over the interior. The product supplier says that the believe the logs may still have had a higher water content ( possibly because the windows and doors weren't installed for a number of months) which in turn caused a mushroom type Mould inside the log which has now reacted with the water in the stain, hence causing black Mould to appear. We've tried sanding the affected area, applying a suitable treatment then restaining but it all looks pretty awful and patchy.

I think our only solution will be to sand it back to the bare wood, removing any visible Mould, treating the logs then restaining everything. If we are going to do that should we sandblast it to save time or should  we  hand sand?

If if anyone has any other ideas, solutions, thoughts I'd be really grateful because the this has been very concerning and quite upsetting for us.



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you might want to look into CO'2 blasting it will remove the stain and has minimal cleanup 


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