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Hey, at last, we are moving to a rented home. To find a fund for buying a new home we sold our apartment. I have already packed our dresses and kids' toys(Lol just thought to begin with the easy tasks!).
My hubby has a conference in Vancouver, so I can't expect him to join me in this. I have to move our household appliances. Then we have a garage full of gym equipment. In the beginning, we were planning to hire a container truck but dropped the plan due to some inconvenience(We won't get any help in packing things in the case of container truck ride).
Some of the colleagues of my hubby suggested the idea of hiring movers so that they will help to pack, unpack and drive for me to the new place. This options seemed somewhat better! And I've done a bit of online research on my own and with the help of my friends too. I end up with some nearby international moving services, I'm impressed with their site reviews and almost up to move forward things along with them.
Any insight regarding this? Do you have any other better option for a moving company?

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