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Hi, Could someone please give me the order that things are done after our log cabin is cob blasted? Is it caulk, stain, clear topcoat? Or stain, caulk, clear topcoat? Or stain, clear topcoat, caulk?

Many thanks!

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Hello Fi,after blasting is done I would try a sample of the color you are going to use because after your
house has been blasted,it opens the pors up and will drink the stain like a sponge and make the color
look darker.If you are happy with the darker color stain then you would stain first,caulk,then clear coat
everything.If you are not happy with the dark color then you can use a product call prelude(it is a clear
coat with uv protection in it.)that will seal the pors up and make your color look like the color you picked
out.Now this is assumming that all your products came from the same place.For example if using a oil
base stain and waterbase caulk you would need to caulk first then stain because the caulk might not
adheer to the wood.But if using all the same products from a company than you would stain first,caulk
then clear top coat everything.One last thing after blasting with corn I would wash the house down with
log wash a cleaner to make sure all the corn is off the logs and dust.Hope this helps I am better taking on
the phone.If needed my phone number is 800-548-3554 Thanks Greg
Thanks so much. I'm going to be using all Sashco products. We're not doing the work ourselves, we're hiring someone to cob blast it, stain and caulk it, and we want to put on the clear coat ourselves. Sounds like we don't need to wait for anything to "cure" before we do that, so as soon as the other guy is done with all his pieces of the work, we'll do the final step. Many thanks!
Greg's right on, although I will tell you it's up to you whether you clear coat after staining or clear coat after caulking. If you have different people doing the work, it might be more cost effective on labor to have the stainer finish before the caulker comes to do his portion - less travel & time & whatnot. The clear coat can impart a slight "sheen" to the caulk you use, so if you don't want that on the initial application, do the caulking very last. However, obviously clear coating in the future will do it anyhow, so it really doesn't matter.
It's all one person doing the entire job, other than we want to do the clear coating ourselves just to save a little bit of money :). Great tips, though, thanks!
Hi Fi,

Looks like Charis cover it for you. Again any questions feel free to contact Charis or I and we would be happy to help you!

Have a great day!

The guys we hired to do our log cabin cob blasted the whole house. Then they stained two sides and then caulked them. They are back today to stain the other two sides and caulk them. However, their spray machine just died, so while one guy is going into town to buy another, the other guy is staying behind and he's going to be caulking FIRST and then they'll stain afterwards. Is this going to cause any problems doing the last two sides in the reverse order like this? Thanks!
Everything will stick fine, but it'd be best to allow the caulk to cure at least 24 hours before you go over it with stain.

Also - because the caulk is elastic and the stain isn't, you may see some small areas of stain crack over the caulk. It generally isn't wide-spread, but whenever you put something that is not elastic (the stain) over something that is (the caulk), the product that does stretch will continue to do so, which means whatever is put on top will have to give way somehow. I can't guarantee you this will happen, but watch for it. It will mean having to do some quick buffing there (Dremmel tools work well) to remove that cracked stain. Just keep your eye out.

finally, those walls that were stained first do have one advantage over the others: the stain got behind those cracks and checks that were being caulked, giving you an added barrier of protection against moisture. On the other 2 sides, be sure pay special attention to them to make sure the caulk is performing correctly. If for some reason any areas open up (usually due to movement), get them dried out and re-caulked ASAP. Of course, if you're using backer rod and doing all of that right at this point in time, that shouldn't be an issue down the line - the caulk should last you a life time.

Hope that answers it for you! Thanks!
Thank you so much! I just went and talked to the guys and they're going to switch gears. What would I do with you?!!

Is the clear topcoat supposed to look white when it goes on? It's freaking me out seeing it :)...someone tell me it will dry totally clear, please!
It will be a milky white color when applied at first but will dry clear.
Phew! Thanks :).


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