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Who has a cool picture of an outhouse? I have built 2 of them so far. One is the real deal and one actually has plumbing.

Lots of fun and a great conversation, wether it is used for a tool shed or to do your business!!

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Hi Dave,

These outhouses are really cute!

thanks! I would lke to see some more pics of out houses from others out there!! Out houses and log homes just go together and I have seen some really cool and odd out houses out there.
that is a GREAT outhouse!! I hope you keep a heater in there!
Dave great picture I love the cedar eaces. Is this a functional building or just for fun and did you know there are several books available about outhouses in America. Great morning reading if you know what I mean. I posted a picture of my walk bridge 2/22 it was actually designed after one I saw in the book Outhouses of America
thanks Bill! It is a fuctioning long drop! I have looked at a couple of books but never bought any. I need to go buy one or two books on outhouses and have them in strategic areas for reading! I have another outhouse at my house that has plumbing with a dutch door. I lined it with red cedar to take care of any need for exhaut fan.

That bridge is awesome! I have creek/ small branch that would perfect for a small scale bridge like yours. Was it hard to build? How long did it take?
Dave As with anything its what your time is worth. The hardest part of mine was the post and footings I had to pour enough concrete to ballast. I lost my first bridge to a small flood the first time the creek had come out of its bank in 40 years it took a walnut tree I was attached to with it. that was 2 years ago. If you have trees available to connect to just be sure and leave growing room around the cables or eye bolt the tree. Lots less expense.
Actually the concrete was about 600.00 the cable off a crane belonged to a friend of mine donated 3/4" 1/2" will do thats what my original was and I probably had 35 people at one time on it. The Hog fencing was around 20.00 a 16' panal and I had 160 running feet, s hooks off rubber bunges sqeezed closed to hang the fencing. I had young kids at the when I built the first bridge and the fencing keeps anyone from ever possibly falling off and the treated 2x6's for cross joists probably 50.00 fence boards running longways for the walkway 90.00 +- . Not to bad overall I have no alternative to getting home when the weather is persistant. My Sugestion would try to go tree to tree and you can actually use 6" woven wire fencing that is what my first bridge was It lasted 16yrs and would still be there except for the creek havin a mind of its own .
Sorry for being long winded and if I can help let me know I'm in Westport Kentucky and all you have to do in the area to find me is ask anyone about the guy with bridge the kids love it
Thanks again
The reading room. Not really ours, but fits the bill.
Looks like it is set up for pay per view with the satelite! Nice pic,thanks!
Dave what a cool picture.I know if I come to your house its byotp,bring you own toliet paper.Have a great day talk to you later.
I provide the paper, but do not provide the WIPE!
Hi Dave,

How funny. I love taking pictures of old outhouses when I see them. My Husband thinks I'm nuts.....Here's a pic I thought was cute - it's a "Two-Seater" and on a slight tilt! I guess some couples like to do everything together! We could be driving along and I'll yell "STOP" - Always scares him half to death - and I say "I need a picture of that outhouse"!!! Makes him so mad, but that's part of the fun!!!
That is cool! I have a picture of a "side by side" with a couple of my friends sitting on them(not really using them).

Outhouses are great! Thanks for the pic!!


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