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Who has a cool picture of an outhouse? I have built 2 of them so far. One is the real deal and one actually has plumbing.

Lots of fun and a great conversation, wether it is used for a tool shed or to do your business!!

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Too Funny.......Now I'm looking for them everywhere....They're not as easy to find as I thought! I like the term "side by side"!
You have to feel comfortable around the person sitting next to you, that is for sure! Old or new, out houses definitely have a story behind them. When we go ride our 4 wheelers in the mountaina, we come across 2 things the most, old cemetaries and out houses. Ever since we started coming across them, they have always intrigued me to build a couple.

Have fun on your never ending quest for outhouses!!

Best regards,
Dave have you ever heard of a hobbie called privy digging ? theres alot of old bottles worth big money at the bottom of the old pits. Glass was hand made before 1895, you can get parsons maps of any town that shows the old layout of the old buildings, sounds like a nasty hobbie but after a 100 years its all just dirt, they use a probe to find them if they hit glass they know from the sound that they found one, antique bottle collecting is big buisiness and fun to look at on the net
That sounds interesting! I have not heard of this, but do like finding old bottles and jugs.
Just for kicks try privy digging on your search engine, lots of interesting stories and bottle collections, the old beer bottles called,ladies legs, are worth 1800 each, ink pen bottles, whale oil lantern covers, tonic bottles, ect..
I will check it out, thanks! Lets not tell too many people about privy digging or we will create another "goldrush"!!

On the way to the woods to drop off the long drop!


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