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I recently bought a 30 year old cypress log home.  I believe it was stained and protected for 23 years and was painted 7 years ago.   There is no rot that can be seen and it's 900 sq. ft.  What is the best way to preserve it?

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You need to sand entire exterior. Removing all exterior fixtures and trim. Prep and wash properly. Stain with a topshelf waterbase. 

If there is anywhere you can install a cost effective shed roof to protect logs,  I highly recommend it.  

We have some videos and information online that shows some of our processes and tools. 

Hope this helps


JD Knight
Guild Log and Timber  LLC
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What do you think about glass or corn cob blasting instead of sanding?  It has a tin roof on it if that's what you meant by effective shed roof.   Thanks for responding!!


I dont do blasting. There are a lot of good contractors that do though. The sanding has a better looking finish and without all the hoop-la and blasting expense. Thats just my opinion though. Some homeowners dont mind the blasted look finish and it allows the contractor to strip house fast. 


Hello Patti - for some good insight and advice, contact Ian at  He can tell you all about painted log homes.  For additional info and photos, visit his Facebook page too  They are based in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  Good Luck!


To keep your home in prime condition I would recommend you add a sealant to it as well as have wonderful windows to give your home a good flow of air. 


If you want to remove the paint from the logs, I have used FLOOD WOOD STRIPPER FOR DECKS AND SIDING with excellent success. Apply it to the logs by wide brush on a cool day, preferably without direct sunlight so the stripper has time to work. After about 20-30 minutes, hose it off (I used my pressure washer with a  40-degree nozzle and kept it about 3'-4' from the logs. Depending on how well the paint/finish has adhered and how many layers there are, you may find it necessary to do this a second time in spots. After doing this, you are left with a nice finish-free surface.

I then allow it to dry and go back and clean it with Log Wash or similar product to bring back the "light" of the wood.

Then allow it to dry several days and you are ready to apply your new stain/finish. If you want a  stain that lasts, our Clients use WOODGUARD or OUTLAST Q8 LOG OIL. Each of these penetrate the wood and are wood-eating insect (termites, etc) deterrants. The Q8 log oil is also the recommended stain by Wolman for their pressure treated wood products!


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