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Why need all these lag bolts/screws? My interest lies in building a log cabin like the pioneers did and I cannot find anything about what they used to tie the logs together and many of these log homes are still standing strong today. I did buy lag screws to tie in my logs,but my gawd they were expensive!! I have also had to change my building plans from an octagon to a regular 32'x32'cabin due to the huge price increase of OSB and some other building materials. I have also decided to use my sawmill and cut off three sides of my timbers. Do I still need to get something for insulating between the logs if they lay flush to each other?If so,what do I use in between the logs that will not take and arm and a leg out of my finalncial allowance to build ? With this increase in prices of many building materials are you log home builders finding that people are looking towards more smaller log homes and more frugality instead of elegant log homes?  Kat in Montana

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yes smaller loghomes are "in".
The Poineers were dealing with many small things that we don't have to today becuse of advancements.......
They would stacked the logs with no bolts and put mud inbetween the joints when the logs setteled or moved it was a redo.....
too clod ....burn more wood too many bugs? thats natural and shake out your boots before you put them on....
We try to make a loghome as tight as possable so we put in a gasket and caulk as well as a toung and grove system on milled loghomes today... And Lagbolts to reduce the movement of the logs.

since you have a mill you don't need OSB rip up some logs and make your own flooring, joist, beams ,everything!
Make that mill pay for it's self and be safe!!!!!
Hello Kathie,

Based on our 200+ year old log home, what has kept it standing, 1st someone actually lived in it for 173+ years, the builders were definitely craftsman, used some "honker" pegs, and I think the really big answer as to why some are still standing is the fact that some, like ours, were made out of "virgin timber", both the oak and the pine, and that's where the biggest difference lies between then and today. There is no way on earth that any wood today, treated or not, will stand up like the virgin timber did or does.


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