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Hello LogHome Neighborhood,

I was thinking about changing my deck railings.  Right now I have pine spindles and I'm not happy how they are holding up, plus the maintenance issue.

I was thinking about going with ceder logs with the plexiglass inclosed.  Cabin is on a lake so I want to have a nice view.  Some of my concerns is we are located in Vermont so we get lots of snow and I was wondering about the glass discoloring after awhile?

Wondering if anyone out there as has any experiences with this or if you know someone that has?

Would really appreciate any input and look forward to hearing your comments.



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I'd use tempered glass.

We have just the cedar logs - why do you have to have anything in between them?  We are in Maine so we also get a ton of snow.  I added a couple of pics so you could see.


Thank you Judy and Lee,

The reason I want to put something between them is because of the view.  I do not want to look through anything!

Thanks for you reply,


Plexiglass can scratch easily especially when you clean it and rub it with the dirt still on it, but if your careful it may be okay for a while. I designed into my outside railing,( we haven't built yet) to use metal spindles in front of the great room and as I like the look of log spindles, to use them where we wouldn't be looking out the great room windows, on both ends. They will block a lot less of the scenery.

check out our pictures

glass spindle combo for the lake view

Glen Leffingwell

Sorry Glen, I do not see your pictures!


i just updated my email. we live in a area that has painfully slow internet service. maybe thats the problem. when i move to the Mac i will try to repost the railing picture

We don't like glass primarily because of the cleaning.  This is just us, some people don't mind cleaning it.  What we did which some people would call "cheezy", is used wire fence.  We did not intend to do this, but we were pressed for time with the insurance company, and had to put something up in a hurry.  I have an upper and lower cedar tree (small diameters) and the wire fencing is attached.  The view is unobstructed, and the wife liked it so much she decided not to take it down. I will do some twig bracing later.

Hi shanny,

Thanks for the note!  I think that I'm leaning more towards the cable instead of the glass now just because of trying to keep it clean.


Thats a good idea. 

We were considering doing a glass railing in our bedroom overlooking the living room.  My wife opted out of it after considering the cleaning aspect.

My recommendation is that if you want to do it, go with Lexan instead of plexiglass - it's much more durable and you can still get it in large sheets at a Lowe's or Home Depot. 

If you're doing wires like Shanny said, I'd suggest considering wire tensioning cables (not sure if that's what they suggested)- like this:

I would go with metal posts and glass. I do really like the look of the cables better than the glass, but if you have young kids around it leads to a safety issue. It's against code where I live kids enjoy climbing them and going over the top.


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