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My Wife and I have property in NC, and are looking to build our dream Log Cabin Home. as you can imagine there are so many Log Home Manufacturers in the market. we are looking to buy a shell kit and have a Contractor friend build it for us. questions we have;

1. Is there any suggestions of Log Home Companies that we should look to use or not to use?

2. Is it favorable to have an experienced "LOG" home builder put the kit together, or can any Licensed contractor build it?

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Opinions are numerous. Yes there are poor,good,better,best. Look at some previous subject posts and see many comments. Yes an experienced Log builder has its benefits and it also will cost you. Yes a licensed contractor can build it but he will have to educate himself on log homes. A lot of people do it themselves and do quite well while others end up with nothing but headaches. A would recommend going to a home show and talk to every sales person and learn. Subscribe to all the magazines and read. Determine your price point and see what you can afford. Good luck

Hi David! This is the first time I have ever commented on here, although I read it all the time.  But I had to share that my husband and I were EXACTLY where you are now about a year ago.  We knew we wanted a log cabin, we knew we didn't want to build it ourselves, but we didn't know quite how to go about it.  We live in rural Indiana where log cabins are rare.  We knew builders in our area that were very good and needed the work right now, but because of the special techniques and knowledge involved in building with logs we decided to go with the recommendation of our log company rep (which we chose because we knew him and he's the only one in our area) and use a builder we'd never met before who had already built 12 log homes (along with countless traditional ones) before ours.

What a great decision that turned out to be!!!  Our builder has told us many times how much better he is at log homes than he was the first time he built one.  It's a learning curve, even for experienced builders, and with all the money we were spending we preferred to be on the experienced end of that curve and we're so glad we opted for the experienced builder!

We're now within a couple of weeks of moving into our dream log cabin!!!  It's only 1600 square feet, cozy and warm with lots of character...over budget (of course!) but absolutely everything we had hoped it would be. 

Good luck on your quest!  I'm so excited for you!

Hi Terry - Let's see some pictures!

Hi Judy & Lee!

I've taken tons of photos already, but I want to wait and post when we get moved into the cabin in a couple of weeks.  Trust me...I'll have photos then!  Thanks for asking!

We used a builder that had done quite a few log homes before ours.  We picked Katahdin Cedar Log Homes.  The builder did everything right in out eyes.  If there was something askew with the kit - he took care of it and we never heard about it.  If you order the kit and have your own builder I would think that might be an issue since he is not familiar with the kit OR the company OR log homes.  Good luck.  We love our house!!

Give Wiley Log Homes a call, I'm pretty sure they work in NC.  I've been to the house Ronnie built in Roanoke and it is exceptionally well crafted.  He uses whole, large logs for his structures, so you end up with a heavy, sturdy structure.


Let me tell who I will recommend, Me! Bet you wouldn't have guessed that! 

All joking aside, Hearthstone Homes and myself build what I know to be the best in the industry.

I know you are more than likely asking yourself the question, what make him (Jim) think he builds the best log homes.

My answer is our materials our industry leading warranty & guarantee, and most important the service that I personally give my customers. 

It does me or anyone else any good to talk down our competition down. Let me set up a meeting where you can speak to my customers and see what they have to say about Hearthstone and the services I offer. I will work out of our Dandridge office while working on your project.

Hey David:  Where in NC are you building your log home?  We may have a builder in the area for you to interview.  Thanks - Donald

I am We serve North Carolina and Virginia. Based at Smith Mountain Lake. Associate builder lives in Gibsonville NC. Discount program in place until 12/31/11. Call me any time at 800 767-4916 if you care to set up an appointment to meet. We offer a very good combination of price, quality of materials and service. Merry Christmas and Best wishes . . . Jack Hutslar


I hope you understood what Hearthstone supplies. We provide the shell kit that you mentioned. Our crew will be onsite to unload the truck and erect your home. Your home will not be waiting on a crew to erect it a week or two from the delivery date. We start erecting the day of delivery. If you request we will take the home to dry in. This will give your local GC a head start on completing your dream home. Your GC will work directly for you and should he need any additional help I will be available to help him through any questions he may have. If, Hearthstone erects the home we will be able to warrant and guarantee your home under our contract. Hearthstone is not in the business to finish home at long distances, we want the local contractor to work as much as possible.

Hi David,

What kind of log wall do you prefer?  

Handcrafted or Machined log walls?  

What kind of corner style do you like?  

Butt and pass, saddle notch, dovetail?  

Chinked or Chinkless?  

I hope you have a great time building your home.  The economy downturn has shaken up the building industry and only the best companies are left. 

My family just bought a log kit thats lifetime warrantied so it dosent really matter who builds it. It comes with a free inspector to make sure the house is built correctly.  I get a 20%discount with them and its a nationwide company so if youre interested shoot me an email to and let me know what you are looking for. They do custom plans as well. They use a bolt system that is pretty much everything hurricanes, tsunami, etc. and they are nationwide. Will deliver anywhere.


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