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We have been getting quotes from two log home builders and are ready to make a decision. Question: Who writes up the contract once you agree to the fixed cost budget?

Do we need to get a lawyer?




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I agree with tim, lawyers are only going to complicate the process, and cost more money. References , references, references, check out your builder. look at at his work and then work along with your builder.  Also if you are at all in question get a builder risk policy from your insurance company. make sure that the your contract has a termination clause, arbitration clause, and defined completion date. if  the contractor you pick has checked out before you sign, then trust that he his going to do what you have contracted him to do.

Time and material  s a good way to build as long as there is a good trust between builder and owner, Also a good addition to a home construction contract is a deadline penelty, with inclusions for change orders etc. but if home isnt completed with a time frame he lose a % of his proffit, I have seen homes that were suppose to be done in 6 months and took 2 years to complete. this is not right, but when times get hard some people will take all work coming there way, abd they get under water pretty quick.

And yes it should be fun, but when your signing away your lite time savings or lifetime income, things get agitated esay.

Have a great day


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Doug, It is interesting that you mentioned the completion penalty but it should work both ways.....we get a bonus if completed early but that is not what most people want...They want the builder to suffer a penalty but no bonus.......that is bogus!!! Tim

Yes i do agree about the bounus if completed, but be real this doesnt happen often, but it could be writen in,

But as a builder and a home designer and cost estimator. I see more over runs, and living in a small rural area we do have 30 builder with only 3500 full time home owner and it grows to about 15k in the summer, these builders will take on more than they can handle.

Highway workers have it built into there contract for early compeltion bonus, as a builder Tim you can add that in and i bet must will love to see it.





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