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Saw this on another forum today and thought it was a good insight to share with this group as well.  When developing a timeline for a construction project, Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with, but difficult to put in to hours/days of anticipated delays.

Happy Building!

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I didn't have time to read your link, but agree that mother nature should be taken into account.  Working on log homes in the mountains of Colorado, the weather is a factor every day.  Good clothes, hats, gloves, boots, etc... make all the difference in the world in keeping productivity high for us.

It is a very short article but a good insight in to what you folks deal with everyday.  A lot of times builders don't get the credit they are due.  Having "self-GC" three of my own projects over the past 20+ years, I feel your pain.  Until you experience it yourself it's difficult to understand.

We just bill accordingly.  I read the article now.  If I have to wait for a truck to get unstuck from the mud, that's a good thing, it's more opportunity to make money.  Most of our projects are 20 miles down a dirt road 1 hour or more from the nearest town and 2 hours from the nearest hardware store.  After doing this for 10+ years I already factor in Murphy's law into the bid.  Lots of driving, remote locations, bad weather, these are all things that equal more profit for those who remember to charge for such things.


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