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We are in the process of refinishing cabin. Will be finished with staining tomorrow at some point. I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone can answer for me. We are using all Permachink products.

1. We will be putting second coat of Lifeline ultra-2 on log ends tomorrow morning. The dry time is 4 to 6 hours but cure time is 72 hours. Do I apply the log end seal after dry time or cure time?

2. Monday will be 7 days since I used log wash to clean the logs. I still have to repair some chinking and caulking, paint the chinking, and then apply top coat. I will have to wait at least 72 hours to start on chinking and caulking to allow stain to cure. So, should I wash again before starting that process, or just before painting chinking?


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Hi Dave,

Log End Seal may be applied once the Ultra 2 is dry, so giving it 24 hours is usually a good idea.  While this timeframe all depends on temperature and humidity, that should be safe!  Be sure to apply the Log End Seal in a thin, even coat, and be sure there's no rain in for forecast for at least 24 hours after application so it can cure completely.

We recommend washing with Log Wash once you've gone past the 7 days, just to be sure you're applying product to a clean surface, so yes, a quick wash would be recommended.

Thanks, and hope all goes well with your project Dave!


Thank you Brian! I appreciate your help. 


No need to wash again if you cant see the dirt and pollen. That permachink is very resilient.  My rule of thumb about dry times differs for rough surface versus smooth. Both are greatly affected by moisture and temperature.  Sometimes its as little as an hour , but on a smooth finish log house in a southern wet climate with cooler temps 24 hrs. I usually stick my finger to it. If it sticks at all to your finger its a no go. 



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