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Removing paint from log home exterior... replacing with stain?

Hi everyone,

I purchased and moved into a ~720 sq. ft. log home in Nova Scotia.  Built in 1980, I’d say it’s in pretty good shape.  I’m certainly happy with it.  Heres why I’m writing in this forum.. All the logs are painted, interior and exterior.  While I dont like the interior paint I also know that getting the paint off the inside of the house is going too much for now.  Also just so we are all on the same page, I don’t know who in their right mind would actually want to paint a log home, let alone blue in my case.  It’s been my plan since I moved in to get the paint off the exterior of the house this summer.  I’ve read alot about not using paint stripper, maybe pressure washing, and probably sandblasting.  I work in construction (masonry) so I have the ethic and the ability to do the work but honestly I don’t know much about logs.  I’ve read alot about how bad it is to paint the logs.  I’ve attached a few photos of the house.  The south-facing wall has had the paint blistered off, so I would start there.  About 120 sq.ft. of the house is actually an addition, so my guess is that  with two 30ft walls, one 20 ft, and about 7 feet of log there’s only about 600 sq. ft. of painted log to be stripped on the exterior, minus doors and windows of course.  The water tank and more or less the “pump house” is outside of the house itself, built in a small room with a space heater.  I have attached a picture from inside as it shows the colour of the log exterior before being painted blue (it’s lovely!).  As far as the condition of the logs are concerned, there appears to be minimal if any rot.  Perhaps some black mold showing on the south facing wall however.

Anyways I hope everyone is doing well during these crazy times.  I’m just looking for any input into the process.  I assume after removing the paint I would want to dry out the logs before I stain them?  Can get lots of rain here but in the summer there should be plenty of 30c/86f days with a ton of sun.  I can take more pictures and can provide more info.  I appreciate anyone’s help.  

Cheers! Sam




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