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Does anyone know how to remove an oil stain from composite decking? I have been treating the exterior logs on our home w/ boiled linseed oil. I thought I had the decking protected w/ a tarp but inevitably I dripped. I tried paint cleaner (no luck) I tried dawn dishwashing liquid in very hot water and a stiff brush (no luck). I tried a power washer (no luck). So now I need some expert advice... PLEASE HELP....thank you!

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The benefit of composite decking is that the color goes all the way through. It is basically sawdust compressed with wax and colorant; very durable. I consulted with one of our chemists… His suggestion was just a strong detergent, such as Dawn. Try mixing it a little stronger and see if that will work. You can also go to an auto supply and try one of their degreasers. Just be sure to test an inconspicous area for possibility of discoloration to your deck material. There is a possibility that somehow the linseed oil has managed to seep into the composite via the colorants. Personally, I would have thought that the wax would have prevented it, but since we’ve done no testing, we can’t be sure.

If that doesn’t work, you may just have to live with the discolorations. We also want you to know that linseed oil is a wonderful food for mold – mold spores LOVE linseed oil, so watch closely and be sure to wash often to prevent heavy mold growth on your logs, as well as the oil spots on your deck. I know you boiled it before you applied it to your logs, so there were no mold spores in it when you started, but there are mold spores in the air, and they will attach to the surface and feed on the linseed oil if you don't keep the surface good and clean.

Good Luck

Merry Anne
Thank you so much for your suggestions and for taking the time to consult w/ a chemist. I'll try full strength dawn first and if that doesn't work I'll get some degreaser. Thank you also for the heads up on the linseed oil...I did not know mold spores love it and feed on it. We were told to treat our logs w/ linseed you recommend something else. I applied a clear transformation stain to our deck railings, but it had a tint to was also very expensive. We were afraid if we used it on the exterior logs and chink it would discolor the chink, so we opted to apply the linseed oil instead. We are new to log home living and have a lot to learn. Thank you for your help. ~Maryann
Maryann, If you'll provide me with your address, I'll mail you a Home Owner Packet with a lot of information. Then after reviewing, you can call us with any questions - I'm sure you'll have lots and lots.
try denatured alcohol, you can get it at any paint store, i prefer to use that as it dosent melt or tarnish any of the composite materials.....I hope that works!


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