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Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for all of your assistance and this site is simply awesome! I'm wondering if I could get some advice from all of you experts out there. I want to redo the interior of my log home. There is stain on the walls and I simply don't like it. Thus, I would like to know how I could change the color as I would like to go lighter. What is the best way to remove the stain without destroying the inside of the house :-)?  Thanks in advance...

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Hey, MN! I have family up visiting. :-)

Refinishing the interior can be a bit tricky. Here are your viable options, knowing you already have flooring & furnishings in place:
1) Use a solid color stain. This will give you a lighter color, but it will also cover up any grain.
2) Sand or grind everything down to bare wood and apply a new stain color, along with a new clear coat, to everything. An Osborn Brush on the end of a variable speed grinder will do an excellent job. This will obviously leave some dust to be cleaned up, but is the safest method of removing the stain.
3) Media blasting can be done interior but should be left to a professional...too much to get damaged by wayward media....

Do NOT attempt chemical stripping and/or power washing interior walls. Too much damage could be done to flooring & furnishings.

Hope that helps some!

Charis w/ Sashco -- --
HI Charis,

Thanks so much for the response! Yes, a beautiful morning here - about 45F and the sun is shining. Couple of things - 1) I like the idea of sanding it or grinding it down, but because the person before I bought it had applied some new stain in some of the areas of the house, I'm thinking it's going to be a challenge and I'm afraid the osborne might struggle. Do you have any suggestions as to the type of discs/pads for the sander I might use? and 2) Is there anyone in the St. Paul area of MN that hires out to do work on interiors? My time is limited and I'm thinking my ambition may be overloaded.

Thanks again!
1) The Osborn brush should do the trick. It would take some elbow grease, but it could be accomplished. Depending on the size of your logs, you'd use the 4" or 5" 80 grit Osborn brush attached to an angle grinder (we like the Makita 9565CV, but others will work, too). Both of those items are readily available thru Sashco retailers and others...the Osborn is not our product, we simply recommend it.

2) Yes - there are people in & around St. Paul who do log finishing work, interior & exterior. You can go to the "Find A Contractor" page of our website to find several who specialize in log & wood home restoration & finishing. Also give a call to our reseller for MN, Schroeder Log Home Supply, at 1-800-359-6614. They'll be able to connect you with others who may not be on our website but are also experienced.

Here's the link you need:

Hope that helps!

You might want to look into and consider CO-2 Blasting you can google DRY ICE BLASTING and see if it is available in your area.
Hi Charis, I started a reply but it went out into an unknown I will try again. Our log home was built in the 1970's and had a very dark stain on the inside and a dark redish stain on the outside. Three years ago we decided to have it corn-cob (not sure if correct term) blasted. It truly looks great now, BUT....
(1) Look at it as though you were moving....everything that can, must come out of the house. The rest needs to be thoroughly covered.
(2) We were told it would take approximately 3 days. It took about 3 weeks to finish....allow for weather conditions and unforeseen problems. We were blessed by someone loaning us their 40' motorhome which was our home during this time. We were parked in our driveway. (check on codes however)
(3) My husband wanted to save money so he and son and son-in-law fine sanded inside after contractors left. (part of 3 weeks)
(4) We still have sanding particles coming from ceilings, wall logs, closets, etc. We were told this could last for years. I believe it is true.
(5) We believe some damage was done around skylights in roof from blasting. Never had water leaks, but now we do. We also discovered some other holes which were not there before. SO.... JUST CHECK WITH CONTRACTORS ABOUT THIS BEFORE HAVING WORK DONE.

As stated earlier, our home truly looks great and is so much lighter and brighter. But, IT IS NO AN EASY PROJECT! Good Luck! Jo-Ann


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