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I have recently purchased the 4yr old home pictured, actually we are still waiting on the financing. I am going to do the home inspection later in the week and I have a couple concerns mainly the apparent roof sag in the attached picture. I am wondering if this is "normal" and associated with the log settlement?  While I initially was viewing the home there were no leaks or repairs apparent.  The home is in "short Sale" and the owners are also the log home building company but we have only delt with the bank and realestate agents.  So if anyone has any pointers that I should check out during the home inspection that would be great.  Plus any info on the dynamics of log home settlement in relationship to apparent roof sag.



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In a sense roofs are roofs so I would immediately ask for the blueprints and take these to a local builder for comment. Shooting from the hip, the roof looks thin in the pcture almost like it was built with 2x4's but most likely 2x6's. What centering was used on the rafters because the roof looks like it sagged under snow load in the middle. It would appear the peak of the roof and the outer walls held up but the rafters were insufficient in size and/or spacing to support the main area.

Does the sag appear over the entire roof or when inside it only sags where there are no other internal support walls? This would verify insufficient rafter support. 

Was a local inspection done by the county? Were the drawings sealed by an architech or an engineer? Was the house built to the drawings specifications?

This might require major internal roof support work to preclude any further sagging.




Joe has some good ideas. No roof should sag. If anything, the settling of a log gable end would tend to cause the roof to crown up not down as your picture suggests. 


I wonder if the main roof itself is okay and what you are seeing is an inadequate structure on just the roof projection beyond the gables?! It could be just that framing that is not strong enough. You'll have to have a good look at it all to see.


Bob Warren

Khita Log Builders Ltd. 

Thank you for the comments and direction.  This will help guide me through the home inspection and ensure I am asking the right questions.




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