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Hi Y'all!

I'm trying to get rid of the stain on my log home.  it's a dark, yucky color.

I first stained the home 15 years ago.  I began with a coat of linseed oil.  Next was a coat of the stain.  I finished with a clear top coat.

I'd like to get back to the original pine - colored wood.

I've read about just about every technique possible: media blasting, pressure washing, using the Turbo Plane blade, using the osborn brush, chemical strippers.

I haven't read about sanding.  Does this work?  If so, what is your preferred method of sanding.  BTW, my logs are flat.

Thank you ahead of time for giving me the benefit of your schooling (from the school of hrd knocks!)


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Just get a good sander and TONS! of paper. Then you get a truckload of elbow grease and you combine them. After a considerable amount of time, house will be good as new. There are tons of pics and videos on my social media and website of us doing it. We are waking up this morning drinking coffee, getting ready to climb up 30 ft up and do it all day today. Like Nike says , Just do it!

JD Knight
Guild Log and Timber  LLC


We have been restoring our 20 year old round log home for about a month now using sanding and stripping techniques. 

As Mr. Knight commented, get lots of sandpaper. While Strip It from Perma Chink worked on the lower half removing the finish, the upper half did not respond to chemical treatment due to UV degradation.

The Makita 9227 C we saw at Log Home supplies is great for initial removal with 60 grit but we found that you really need every sanding option available for round logs. The De Walt palm sander does a great job as well.

More later



I would use sandpaper and an Osborn brush. They can do wonders on a log home!

We have an Osborn brush and use it. We also have a little Black and Decker Mouse sander which we needed for the seams. Our logs are saddle overlaps and the little mouse gives us more detailing in those areas.

I wanted to mention we use the buffing pad on the Makita. While it is for polishing, we use it for sanding as well. It screws onto the sander and is a 6 inch hook and loop pad. It removes finish pretty quickly but we get swirl marks but sand them out with the palm sander afterwards.


We are almost finished restoring two sides of our log home. It is a 32 x 36 foot house with 24 inch saddled extensions and 12 inch nominal round logs.

We completely stripped it with Perma Chink Stripit and a pressure washer, where possible, and sanded away the rest using a variety of sanders.

We then washed it with Perma Chink's Log Wash.

Next was two coats of Hazelnut, also P.C. bottom to top Ultra 2 and two coats of Lifeline Advance. 

We used 5 gallons of stain but the finish went much farther, maybe 2 gallons.

It was exceptionally hard work but well worth it.

Best regards 


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