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We have recently bought a 30-year old log home that
Has not been maintained. Most of the interior logs are
stained and dingy and I want to sand and stain them. All of the
quotes I've been given were too expensive. Does anyone
know if sanding by hand is actually doable for me? 

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It's labor-intensive, but I've done a few walls in my day.  It's doable.  Just be prepared for the mess and the time.  But in the end, it'll be worth it.

-- Charis w/ Sashco

Thanks for your response! I needed to hear someone say it could be done! I'm thinking about sanding without a sander on the kitchen wall because it's only one small log wall, maybe that way it won't get my kitchen as messy.  Thanks again!

It won't matter the size, but there are sanders out there with vacuums attached to them that catch the majority of the saw dust.  I haven't used one of those but would like to try one...

Oh I didn't know about sanders like that. I'll have to check out how much they are! If they work good that would definitely be great!

Katie its definitely do-able. Have you already moved into your home? Even with the vacuum attachment, it is still a messy job. Particles float throughout the house. (not as much as w/o the vacuum but still enough to get dust floating.) Keep doors closed in the rooms that you aren't going to be working in. and wear a mask.

I was hoping if I did some without a sander it wouldnt be as messy but it s in the kitchen and would be hard not to get everywhere. Yes we already live in it.




My wife and I are building a cabin and are doing all the sanding.......... and other stuff........ Ourselves. I have all ways used a vacuum on a sander when sanding in doors. I get a length of hose from the plumbing dept of one of the big home centers that is used for a sump pump, it is cheap.  We use the Dewalt random orbit for the sanding. Most manufactures have an adapter to attach an external hose. Or you can "rig" it. Use a drywall filter bag in the vacuum, that is key to having minimal dust in the air. Monitor the suction at the sander making sure you that all the material are being captured. If there blow-by at the exhaust of the vacuum change the bag .


Hope that helps



Hey Geoff! That helped. I have been sanding the inside walls of our 1600 sqft log home for over a year. That hose and vacuum bag will come in handy in the future! thanksagain!



Use lots of " painter's plastic," and mask off all that you are sanding.. just like masking a car to paint. It will be good practice for when you go and seal/stain what you have sanded.

Sanding by hand is a bummer. Buy orbital sanders, they will run about $75.00 for a decent one. Good ones are worth the money. I use something a little different, but for what you are doing, you won't be able to justify the expense. depending on what needs to be done, I usually start with 60 grit, then go to 80, then to 120.

Staining?  remember, your logs will naturally get darker with time. Don't go too dark. When I am asked, I tell my customers to go clear, especially on tongue and groove. As the wood shrinks and moves, the tongue that is hidden then shows, and, since it is not stained, you have white stripes that are impossible to remedy.

I hope this has helped you.



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