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    I am a self-builder about half way through my project and would be intrested in speaking with other self-builders. 



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We're self builders. Hope to have our home completed this year but it is certainly a lllllooooonnnngggg process!
Hi Susan
Nice to meet you, thanks for responding. You're right about the time factor. I dropped my first tree in the fall of '07 and figure I'm still 2 years away from turn key. It's been an adventure for sure. Except for the foundation, septic & well I've done everything else. The biggest obstacle has been the weather. The picture of your home looks like it is coming out really nice. I've read a couple other bloggers and was apprehensive about writing. I felt a little intimidated after reading some of the questions on construction deatils. Hopefully I'm not alone, safety in numbers and all that.
Wow, you're crafting your own logs? I am impressed!

Tim Bullock (member here) crafted and set our logs. If we had attempted to do that part ourselves---well, let's just say I don't think I have that many years left on this Earth!! :-)

Alan (Konocti's Wigwam) is crafting his home. Maybe he'll chime in here.

Do you have any pictures of your progress? I love looking at pictures of owner built log homes.
Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, I didn't craft my own way I would attempt that. I give a lot of kudos to anyone who can do that. Just assembling pre-cuts is a challenge. Dropping the trees was just to clear the land. I'm building a Kuhn's Bros. home. However I was under a total mis-conception when I first considered this project. I never imagined there would be as much cutting as there is. This season is dedicated to gettting the porch, deck, dormers, windows and shingles finished. I have some pics but I'm not the best with computers so as so as I figure out how to send them I will.
Looks like you need to weed wack Your sub floor ! LOL
I give you a lot of credit man.. That is some undertaking to craft your own logs and mill your lumber on site! Holy cow & I thought I had a lot to do. I'd still be taking measurements!!! I can see why the weather would be even more of a factor for you. Hope the weather cooperates for the rest of the season. There was a movie made years ago which I think is being remade today. It was/is called Clash of the Titans. In the movie was a mystical creature called the "Krakon". (I think that's how it's spelled). Anyway, that's what I named the tarp I put over the house to keep out the elements. Every single time I had to move that tarp the wind came up and the tarp would either blow off the roof or rip out of my hands. Felt like I was battling the Krakon.
I got a Norwood2000 and will also be sawing off two sides for my log cabin building this spring-----------as soon as the ground unfreezes LOL ! Plus,still have to assemble the sawmill! Has been sitting in the tarp garage since last June,all 47 boxes for it !! Too bad THEY can't come to one already assembled huh! Going to also make my own flooring and roofing boards with it. I am soooooooooooooo fortunate to have this !!!
If you have water, pull out a hose and sprinkler. Keep the logs wet and you'll minimise the blue stain,

Bob Warren
Khita Log Builders Ltd.
Hi Martin
Looks like your project is coming along really nice. How did you keep the logs looking so good while you were building? Mine are pretty stained as of this point and I hope they clean up like the mfg. says they will. As for new ideas.....can't help you much there. This whole process has been a learning curve for me. Half the battle has been the rain. I think I've spent as much time in trying to keep out the water as I have trying to get the logs up. That battle should be over this summer. Will send pics as soon as I figure out how to do that.
Ed, Try some Olympic Deck Cleaner on the logs and rinse well.....try it on some scrap pieces.
I do hope some others here read your line "I never imagined there would be as much cutting as there is".......
Hi Tim
Thanks for the tip. The log home company recommended a 50 / 50 mix of bleach and water. Any experience with using that method? Sometimes you read the ingredients on manufactured products and find they're a glorified package of common household products. Sounds like you've been there with the cutting issue. I had some suggestions and observations I passed along when I first bought but was shot down. I felt cutting the logs to accomodate window and door heights could have been factory cut but I guess not. Maybe I was naive when I first got started but I'm sure a lot wiser now. I came away from a seminar with two friends and said...."three days this baby is up" Yeah OK.
Ed, Do NOT use bleach!!!!!! The finishing people here all have different alternatives to bleach and will likely pipe up shortly with some good advice.....I am a Handcrafter and we install the shell on the clients foundation......a modest home takes us one day with a crane....You would be sitting in front of the fireplace by now with a Handcrafted Log Home....LOL


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