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In the process of removing old stain from my white pine log home using a Makita nylon brush wheel and sanding with 80G. After cleaning the logs with water to remove stain dust, I noticed many different colours when wet. Is this a preview of what the new stain would look like and need to do more surface prep or am I worried for nothing? All the previous stain is completely removed except for hard to reach corners which will be sanded next. See pictures link bellow of wet vs almost dry bare logs. 

I haven’t decided on stain yet but considering Sikkens (now Proluxe) Cetol 123 and Sansin Classic. The covered porch walls are doing very well with Cetol 123 but the exposed walls are not doing as well due to lack of maintenance I imagine. Also concerned with peeling and uneven finish. Any experience with these products would be appreciated.

While driving in our area (east Ottawa) I noticed a beautiful stained timber frame home and business building covered in pin boards. Contacted the owner to know what stain he was using and turns out he’s a 43 year timber frame manufacturer and builder. To my surprise the stain he uses is Cetol 1 only. He never applied the Cetol 23 and simply keeps applying Cetol 1 for maintenance coats every 8-10 years. He mentioned that resins in white pin will often lead to the Cetol 23 top coats to fail and start peeling. Is this something others have heard?

Looking forward to your comments!

Wet log picture


Dry log picture


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