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Hello,  I just moved into my first log home.  We purchased the home in NE Georgia to escape the brutal winters of New Hampshire and we're loving the weather.  The home was bargain considering the location.  It's not without it's problems though and we knew this going in but until your living in it you just don't realize how big the issues are.  I got sleeves to roll up that's for sure.

This log home was built in 2004.  We don't know by who and from the looks of how wrong every thing was done it may have been a DIY kit.  We are the 3rd owners.  The last owner purchased it as an investment but never lived here.  His Father was supposed to finish the place but unfortunately died before that happened so it's still undone.  The original owner is unknown but I can tell you this much.  He didn't know a hammer from a screwdriver!  As evidence I offer the following:

Issue #1.  the grooves were carved out for framing up to for the interior walls.  He missed every single one.  I'm left with grooves down the logs that run parallel to the sheetrock which doesn't even touch the logs!  You can see straight down the logs to the next room.  This leaves nothing for privacy between those rooms, like the bathroom and bedrooms.  Short of dismantling the walls and starting over I've got to figure out a creative way to fill those gaps.

Issue #2. Electrical is a mess.  It's so very evident that they hadn't a clue so they ran a line for each and every plug and switch individually.  I have a huge mess of wires leading to the two electrical boxes.  There are no GFI's anywhere; not the kitchen, not the bathroom, not outside.  Many of the outside and workshop lights and plugs don't even work.  And it's weird because they may work for a minute then don't work next time you flip a switch or plug something in.  The breakers all appear to still be on and I've even tried turning those on and off in case.  Of course the electrical wiring is all different.  In some places he even used orange extension cord to wire with.  Most of the plugs (not all) are upside down.  Most of the light switches (not all) are upside down too.  Most of the cut outs for the electrical boxes were cut too big leaving gaps around the plug and switch plate covers.  

Issue #3  Flooring.  Never finished and no clue where to match up the wood parque tiles they put down.  It all has to be redone.

Issue #4  There is no moulding anywhere in this house.  Where it should be along the ceiling is silver heat tape and for some reason holes were made along that.  Anyone know why?  Is that a thing? 

Issue #5 Doors were hung but never made to fit so some drag, some rub, most are unfinished having never been stained.  There wasn't a door knob one on any of them.  The latches do not line up to any of the holes in the frame either.  

Issue #6.  Two closets never got done.  The sheet-rock is raw and I've begun the process of taping them.  The sheet-rock taping that was done throughout the house on the ceilings are horrible.  It's like popcorn texture over the taped parts only then flat.  Really it's so so bad.  I'm going to have to sand all that down.

Issue #7  The exterior.  The front of the house looks great.  It was stained and sealed.  But the other three sides were not and after all these years, it ain't purdy. 

Issue #8  Porch.  OMG that back porch.  It has a small enclosed area with a hot tub sunk into the floor.  Nice feature but it doesn't work and it's wired in with and orange extension cord. The floor was "cut" so someone could access it but that allowed critters in there so I had to cover it.  When we moved in the ceiling had insulation falling from it.  It had never been finished.  The floor was covered with black roofing paper.  It was filthy beyond words.  But the worst part is that while it has a metal roof over it.  It was clearly added on and not done right.  It leaks like a sieve so the OSB boards are soaked and discolored and moldy.  YUCK! 


Issue #9.  I've already fixed the cabinets that fell off the wall because someone never heard of hitting a stud.  Hanging things was not someone's talent. 

Issue #10 Kitchen.  First thing we did was bring in a plumber.  The brand new dishwasher was never hooked up.  The water was yellow and we lacked water pressure.  We still don't feel like we have enough pressure but for now it's doable.  It seems pressure is better in some rooms over others.  The yellow color comes and goes so were using bottled water for cooking and drinking.  This house sat empty for almost 2 years and well may just need to flush itself out.  

So as you can see this little lady has some sleeves to roll up.  It's going to be a long journey as I'll be doing much of this on my own. Any and all advice or ideas  is welcome.  Thanks in advance.

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Did you have an inspection??  Sounds like a disaster to me!

Yes we did. 

Ellie - sounds like you've got your work cut out for you.  I would suggest fixing the electrical FIRST!  Some of what you described could easily start a fire - very dangerous.  The other items can be fixed over time.  Safety first!  Enjoy the process.  You'll be proud of yourself when it's all done.  The rotten log you emailed me about is far down the list, but will be happy to work with you when you get to it.

Thanks! Did you get my last email with those measurements?


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