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We are having an issue with the windows sweating like crazy.  They are Andersen with wood frames so we have to wipe the lower edge of both the top and bottom panes cause they drip like crazy and it is going to ruin the wood - already has in some spots - turning it black.

This is a weekend house in Maine for now - retiring there in a year or so.  It was pretty damn cold there last week - lowest was -7 degrees.  When we leave we set the temp to 55 degrees - we have a Nest thermostat that we can adjust the temp before we leave home (3 hours away) so it is about 65 by the time we get there.  I hate to have to run the dehumidifier all day and night.  We cannot close the shades at night or it will be 10 times worse in the AM.  Any thoughts? 

I was going to see if I could get in touch with Andersen to see if there is something wrong with these.  There sometimes is ice along the lower edge - then it melys and drips.  At the runner on the sliding door to the deck there is a LOT of ice - I assume because the runner is metal but this does not seem normal to me.


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The perimeter seal is an installation issue Bob. Doubtful that a dehumidifier would fix the issue.

Is this a log home?  Has the log home been chinked?  Broken seals on windows could also be a sign that the entire home isn't sealed properly.  Please do not respond "this is a chinkless log home" as there is no such thing.

Colorado Log Home, There is a thing as a chinkless log home. Very few have the technology and or the skill to do it. So you are about 95% correct. What about the other 5%?

I thought we were chinkless but really I have no idea.  We now are running a few fans to circulate the air and that seems to have helped.  It is also warmer outside so I don't know if that helps or not. At least it is not in the minus temps right now.

Colorado Log Home, Would you explain why you say there is no such thing as a chinkless log home?

Well have we any answers?

We have Andersen windows throughout our UNCHINKED log home. The emperatures here, especally th year, have been around MINUS 10 degrees F, so I think our cold and your cold are very simialr. I also firmly believe your issue is excess humidity. As the outdoor temperature gets colder, you need to lower your indoor humidity to keep condensation at a minimum. I would dehumidify my indoor air to about 20-30% RH when it is so cold to minimize this issue. If you have a central humidifier, there is usually an adjustment knob that you can set the humidity to - if not, "wing-it" using the trail and error approach. When temperatures are warmer, interior humidity should remain around 25-45%. Hope this helps!



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