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Hi, I'm new to log homes, this would be my first. I'm in the research phase, I've been planning to build a log home for about 10 years now though. I'm currently looking to build a 2,096sq ft log home. I'm really looking closely at Kuhns Bros. Aspen Hill model which would have 6X8 D white pine d-logs. Although I am also making appointments with a few other companies as well to comparison shop. I would barely be making any changes to one of Kuhns' existing floorplans. I recently met with the dealer and got a rough turn-key per square footage estimate of $180 per sq ft. I realize this is a very rough estimate, but its higher than I thought it would be. The dealer is in the process of getting me a more accurate estimate from one of their builders because I need something more definitive before I would even consider making that huge of an investment.

My question to all of you log home owners that have built new homes is now that your log home is complete, how much would you estimate your log home cost per square foot? I'm trying to find out how much this can vary? I imagine it has a lot to do with land issues and personal preferences. My tastes tend to be on the lower-end of mid-range priced amenities within the home. I'm not looking to cheap out, but I don't want luxury either, I'm in the middle. Such as wood laminate flooring, manufactured stone, tile, wood-burning stove, forced-air heating, stock cabinets, tile countertops, mid-range fixtures and appliances; an example of a few of my planned amenities.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I have read so many log home magazines and clipped so many articles and learned a lot over the years. But experience makes all the difference, and I don't know anyone I can ask that doesn't have an "agenda" as to what is a realistic expectation for the cost of a log home. I'm trying to make it work, and I'm trying to do as much homework before I make the decision. I don't have the unlimited budget to make a mistake here, everything will count and I'm a very nervous and practical spender. This is the biggest investment I've ever made. To top it all off, it will be my first home and I'm single (one-income), so I'm treading very lightly here before I jump in! Thanks in advance for your assistance and experience!

Colleen O'Neill

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Rachelle and Peter--

Nice post.  As a consumer, I've posted here previously about the problem within the industry of bad-mouthing one another's products.  I'd be about a million times more likely to work with a company that extolls its virtues than one that slams the competition.  In my view, yours is exactly the right attitude. 

Having gone through the process of exploring a wide range of alternatives, but more importantly, the conversion of  a raw rural site into one that's buildable and has all the mechanical systems in place for a new home, I have a far better appreciation now of why log home builders cringe when they hear the "How much per square foot?" question.  Ultimately, it doesn't seem that that's a question that can be answered accurately until you're well into the planning and design.  And, even then, variables such as unpredictable site issues and evolving desires on the part of the customer probably shade things up to the point when the keys are handed over. 

This, in itself, is scary enough for a potential log home owner.  But, when you add to it the recurring mantra of how "all the others have problems," it's pretty off-putting.  Kudos to you for having the confidence in your work to be straightforward and positive.

Hi Colleen, Let's play log home estimating. Based on a package price of 125,000,full basement,and turn key price the estimate is 378,000. These prices reflect top of the line bells and whistles and does not include land and related costs of development. This estimate can be lower if you participate in some of process to build it. This formula usually comes close to your final costs and can aid you when you are putting your budget and financing together. Some folks are skeptical of this method but, it has served us well over the past 26 years. Feel free to call us at 302-945-6706.  Jim and Pam Katahdin Cedar Log Homes


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