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I’m a little confused and I was hoping somebody might be able to help me out?

My bedroom on the 2nd floor has a small balcony.  This balcony is north facing and never sees the sun.  We also get lots of snow and rain!


I need to replace the deck because of rot, which they used pine (not pressure treated)

My question is; am I better off using pressure treated lumber or cedar?  This balcony is never used so I want something that is low maintenance and will last the longest.


Thank you,


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Cedar, Hemlock, Redwood or pressure treated would be ideal.

Either one will need further protection.


At my other house, I used both white cedar and pressure treated.....they have both been on for about 20 years, and still holding good.  They both will gray, but the cedar seems more stable (had it sawed at a friends sawmill 5/4 and planned one side).

I personally love cedar, but it cost more than PT, so on my log cabin I  use premium PT  (I would have to haul my cedar logs quite a distance to have them sawed for decking). 

Some of the old timers use hackmatack,which can last along time too (but not as long as cedar).

Eastern hemlock too(but getting it without shake is very difficult now...and bad splinters too).

They used to use hemlock for septic sytems many years ago, as a roof over the drainage field and covered with dirt (I believe thats how it was done).

My last placed I framed with hemlock and my cabin bump-offs are boarded in with reclaimed hemlock boards, and some of the timbers too .


As far as cedar goes a friend who was restoring his old family home (built in the 1800's) dug up old white cedar logs which had been cored, or had hollow heart, that had been buried and used as water piping from the nearby spring...some of them were still intact.

I went with aluminum... wood grain... never has to be replaced and it looks great.. 

Hmmm, interesting but this deck is on the second floor so I was wondering what the underside looks like?  I have another deck below it so you would see the underside of the deck above?

It is waterproof interlocking system  can be soffitted 

I have comp issues and cant post pics.. but can post to facebook ... I could take a picture... post it there and give you a link to it... the long way but it will satisfy your curiosity 

Hey Sherri, I'm one of the few people who don't use facebook!  But if you can take a picture I can have my wife check it out, she has facebook!  I'm just worried it would look funny from underneath.


I tried ..... my comp just wont allow me to upload to FB anymore it seems... I can barely post to here.... My comp needs replacing ....I have not been so nice to her.. now she is not being so nice to me  

How about this

my cell is 250 503 6920.

If you have access to a phone with picture text capability... text me the number and I will send you one or two pics.. your choice.. I took two of underneath and I am sure you got plenty of the top view on the website... ours has a scratch but that is because the electrician fell off a ladder and the legs scraped the powder coating... but our dogs have no impact on it.. so it is very durable... in my pics you see the bracing that will be covered in the future ... but with the wood grain it is not so bad ... let me know and good luck

Sherri, I just called the company and the product looks amazing.  Unfortunately this will not work for me because my span between the logs are over 5 feet.  This product needs support like every foot or so.  Looks great and I appreciate your help - John 

John, It is pricey but I would consider using eastern red cedar. If you can find some black locust it is less expensive. and almost as durable as the cedar. Ipe is readily available and for peace of mind might be worth the extra expense but it doesn't take stain well.
Good luck!
Tim Bullock

Thanks Tim,

I actually ended up going with a clear cedar!

The project ended up being a big deal and I needed to almost take off the entire deck.

I saved about 8 feet and went with cable railings. Project is now finished! thank god, it was big $$$$$ cedar.


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