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My wife and I just put in an offer on a 4 yr old log home and the offer was accepted.  We are just waiting for the financing.  The home has some staining on the exterior logs from rain water and I would like to clean the logs and have the entire exterior restained.  I am wondering if anyone can give me a ballpark estimate of the cost to have a contractor restain the home?  The home is a 3800ft contempary home with a full daylight basement and a 3 car attached garage that is also log and is on the main level (not accociated with the basement level)  I currently live in another state and I am unable to get the actual square footage of the outside of the home so if some one could help me estimate this and give me a ballpark estimate of the staining cost that would be very helpful.



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Hi Ezekiel,

While I can't give you an estimate, I can refer you to some independent contractors who can. I'm unable to post contact info for people on here but if you email me I can help you. I will need at least your postal code to figure out which contractors are closest to you. Keep in mind when dealing with contractors it is always smart to request and look over references as well as insurance and licensing info. Get quotes from more than one contractor and make an informed choice. Also many states have suggestions for dealing with contractors posted on their state government websites. I have links to these specific pages for most states if you need them. My email is . Your new home looks great by the way, congrats and good luck.

- Kevin, PCS Redmond

Beautiful home. A few suggestions:

1. You must install gutters ! Notice how the water runs off the roof over the second story porch. Its running right along the left side of the large window and down on the window to below, staining the logs. # 1 rule : KEEP THE LOGS DRY !

2. You are facing a nightmare if you do not install gutters. You have wood right down to the grade level and w/o gutters the water will spash on the ground and snow will acumulate on the sides of tyhe wood and damage your siding to the point that you will be replacing it every 8 to 10 years. Install gutters !

3. Notice how the siding is staining coming down the stairs to the left of the stairs. Install a railing and this will eliminate family/visitors from running their hands along the wood when going up and down the stairs. Also, it will make the stairs safer.

4. Should you find a good carepenter with reasonable prices to replace your metal railings, do cedar and not pine for railings.

5. Did the builder use Algea resistant shingles ? If not, you may consider removing the large pine tree within 3 feet of the home. You are getting needles and tree bark etc on the roof in that area throughout the year. Looks nice but can be a problem that close to the house.

6. Whose stain did the original builder/home owner use ?

Morning!  Beautiful home!  I, too, can give you some names of contractors who do work in your area.  Email or call me and I'd be happy to send some your way.  Between Kevin & me, you should have plenty of people to call.


Estimates can vary widely.  I once had a homeowner bring me 3 bids for the same work on the same home - one for $15K, another for $21K and another for $26K.  All were doing blasting, staining & caulking/chinking work.  And I will also second what Kevin recommended - get references, check out their BBB rating, make sure they're licensed, bonded, etc. etc.


And thank you, Terry.  Install gutters & downspouts!!!  That will go a long way towards protecting any new work you might have done.  A good contractor should be able to help you figure out what stain (or type of stain) was used on the home so you can be sure to use something compatible moving forward. 


Hope that helps some!  Let me know if you'd like some contractor names.


Have a great week!  -- Charis w/ Sashco - - - 1-800-767-5656


Check out for some interesting products they offer for removing old stains and finishes. I hope this helps.

I do not sell log homes or products. I am a log home owner who enjoys researching and working to become well informed before acting on most any projects.

Consider looking at Gemini's web site for some additional choices in products. I have not looked at their web site for a while and tonight I went there and was impressed with several of their new product lines.


Hi Ezekiel,  It has been a while since I have been on here but

I see you are looking for an estimate. I would like to know the

state it is in as it is hard to do estimates from pics at least for

us. If you would like to to reply back perhaps we can help you.



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