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Three homes on my street were robbed recently. It occurred during the early evening. I want to make my home more secure. My front door has got a deadbolt and a regular lock. The backdoor has a window that leads to the deck. It has got ground access too. Someone could probably break the window and unlock the deadbolt by reaching through.

Can anyone suggest some ways to make the house more secure? My neighbor suggested installing alarm monitoring services. Which are some of the locks that you recommend? Are there any other steps to make the doors secure? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Go for it!

Thanks for the information.

Check out Wyze on Amazon or Ring doorbell + floodlights

Get an Arlo Pro and a locking door bar. A big timber or steel bar that sits in brackets bolted on both sides of the door. Then you lock bar down. Have good fire detection a locked door bar can make it hard to evacuate.


I suggest either getting a guard dog or adding a very secure bar lock to your door so intruders can't get in. 

Just find a good security service near you. You will get a suitable one from them. I don't recommend buying online. Because there are a lot of useless craps on the internet. So be careful.


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