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We will be cutting and milling the logs ourselves.We will be buying the ezboardwalk mill to be able to do this. I need help knowing which books and videos are the best to help us. I can't afford to waste money on stuff we don't need were on a tight budget. We are going to do this it's the only way to get out of our mobile home we don't have enough money for kits or help. The timber is on our property and the extra timber we have will pay for the extra's we need. Any help would be appreciated!......Tina

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I am curious why no one responded to my question! I seen alot of other posts recieved answers. Some of you builders and people that sell kits had to start somewhere. I know you had to have books or something to help teach you. If this is not the right place for someone wanting to build your own could you please direct me to a forum or list where people would want to help me.....Any help would be appreciated,Tina
I wondered the same thing, I know all the loghome sites are very slow due to people afraid to spend, but I dont understand what is happening to the dreams are people just giving up.
I sent you a friend request if you will accept then I can PM you or you can email me.
Hi Tina! I didn't respond because I didn't think I could contribute much. We bought our logs from a mill, so the bulk of our work was in the general contracting of all the other bits and pieces...permits, excavation, foundation, subfloor before the logs came. Then plumber, electrician, builder, etc. after the logs came to finish it up. My greatest source of information was actually magazines (reading how OTHER folks did it) and the internet. I bought one book...didn't read it, and I didn't watch any videos.

Now the general contracting itself, I could help you with, even though I'm not a general contractor. But as far as milling your logs, I would be of no use at all. :o)
Hi Tina,
I found this article on the internet about a man who built his own log from the logs on his property.
I hope that his experience will help you in some way. Good luck with your project!
- Kevin, PCS Redmond
Thanks for responding! Building ourselves is the only way we will be able to afford it.I know we can do it. My husband built his two story home from a book in his previous marriage, it's just being able to find the right info for log homes.It make take us 5 or more years I don't really know but we half to try I know people have done this before us.I am very capable of helping him, I am more of a tomboy I guess. My husband works a regular job and I haul scrap for a living. This is the best looking book and videos I have seen does anyone know how good they really are. There not cheap so I hoping someone else had baught them and would know......Thanks so much......Tina
try: (log home builders association) Hope this helps
I found a book we had bought when we had our home built in 1995 which has a lot of good illustrations that may be what you're looking for. It's still available on Amazon and looks like it's been updated also (at least the cover is different). "Complete Guide to Building Log Homes" by Monte Burch.
Thank you for the replies! The site and book look like they will be helpful. We watched Alone in the wilderness last night it's and older documentary. He made it look so easy to build a log cabin and didn't really seem to take him long. Good old film if you haven't seen it. Here is the website ......Thanks again,Tina
Hi Tina.
We have built two houses (conventional), and we are presently planning and working on our third.
We were always the same way, we could never afford to just hire people to do everything (single wage household).
We generally stock pile materials for a few years (get good deals on stuff, and stockpile it).
Thats alot of gumption, and I applaud anyone who wants to better themselves and takes this kind of iniative.
Prices have gone up dramatically (or dollar has gone down) in the last few years so everything as far as specialty work has gone up big time (labor) least in our area, compared to 10-15 years ago.
A person could have 50K or more just in the ground if they hire out (labor costs), so whatever a person can and is allowed to do themselves they could save alot of money (Septic, Foundation / ICFs, Permanent wood Foundations etc.)Of course if you are going to build on the lot your mobile home is located on, you already have an excellent start with a septic and well etc., and have a place you can live right next to your building site.

You might be able to hire out a sawyer with a portable bandsaw mill (generally charges $ .15 - .25 a Bd. Ft.), if you are going to use sawn logs.
I forgot to mention, there are some inexpensive basic used books out there on log construction (you might be able to search and get them cheaper)....Like "Building with Logs" by B. Allan Mackie;

The Classic Hewn-Log House : Charles McRaven;

ISBN 9781580175906
Thanks for the info Shanny so nice to hear from someone doing the same thing as us. If we could get younger people to do it a little at a time instead of jumping into such debt. I have to admitt being patient is hard but so worth it. We are so excited we can't hardly wait to get started. I wish you were close we could help each other. We are in Missouri. I think our home will be even more special to us because of the work we will put into it. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to respond......Tina
We are in Maine.

It is exciting.
Your home is going to be a piece of yourselves.
You guys can do this.

Its all about the "baby steps";

Taking it one step at a time, and don't let the overall picture overwhelm you guys.

Good luck.


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