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We will be cutting and milling the logs ourselves.We will be buying the ezboardwalk mill to be able to do this. I need help knowing which books and videos are the best to help us. I can't afford to waste money on stuff we don't need were on a tight budget. We are going to do this it's the only way to get out of our mobile home we don't have enough money for kits or help. The timber is on our property and the extra timber we have will pay for the extra's we need. Any help would be appreciated!......Tina

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tina?  i wondered about your do-it-yourself project from 10 months ago.  I only just recently happened upon the old discussion of milling you own logs for your own home...I am "strongly" considering doing the same.  I have ample Norway Spruce of milling size, and recently decided that borrowing close six figures for a kit and contractors would be nearly impossible, especially for this costruction to mortgage convertable finance climate, that was a mouthful.  Ive stacked and built log homes within the last 5 years and my logs could be D cut (rustic) with no t & g, just flat surface stack with foam/caulk/chinking.  These logs could span all 4 walls of the 30' x 24' footprint.  they can be hand peeled and stacked off the ground for around a year befor hitting the mill. 

my next step is finding if all codes can be met and how much grief i will get from the inspector. 

So many things to keep in mind!  I have all contractor tools, and still am building log rail and some furniture off the spruce grove from time to time.  this is my 12 year old dream, but it is not a light decision.  It will still be expensive, and the sweetheart has fallen in love with the idea in the last 3 years and that helps me focus more. 

geothermal...great windows at auction when they're a great deal...metal roof...point of service hot water...maybe that 'pipedream' windmill vegatable garden...but most importantly; no mortgage payment.


This is my first posting in the neighborhood and i hope to get any responses on the subject.



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