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We built a log home in the panhandle of Florida 22 years ago from a Heritage Log Homes' kit. We have used oil based products recommended by various representatives in the log home industry over the years to protect the exterior of our log home. After living in our home for several years, the carpenter bees found our home and we have battled them yearly ever since using many different methods. For the first 2-3 years, we would call our exterminator who would spray the house down and in any existing holes he found. This really ended up being wasted money and did very little to deter the bees. We then started to just battle the bees every season ourselves using methods found on the internet from other log home owners. Being very proactive when we spot the first bee of the season is key and I think we have become quite skilled and done a good job from preventing further damage. My husband finally decided though about 3 years ago that the stains and sealants we had been using did nothing to deter the bees and we should use another product that would offer better protection and "hide" the logs from the bees, lol. After talking to a salesmen at Lowes (I know, I know), my husband went with an acrylic latex semi-transparent stain and sealant for exterior wood. Did not really accomplish what we had hoped, we still have to be just as proactive as in previous years. We now want to do our exterior again and after reading a lot of conflicting information, thoughts and opinions about which kind of products to use, I have come across some information on limewash which was used hundreds of years ago by less wealthy home owners as an economical, yet effective means to preserve and protects logs against insect infestations.  Unlike paint that "hides" and does not breath, limewash does breath and is evironmentally friendly. You have to reapply every 4-5 years, but does not have to be washed and prepped like other options, you just "paint" right on again. The more I read about it, the more I like the idea of limewashing my exterior logs. I cannot find any information on people using this today on log homes, but based on what I read about limewash, there does not seem to be any reason why it would hurt your logs like other paints and sealants would that trap moisture and cause rot. Only drawbacks I can conclude would be chalky finish that would rub off on your hands or clothing and possibly opposition from those who want you to use their expertise and services.

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