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what window color looks best with logs? white is a nice contrast but it is white. I was thinking maybe a alum. clad but staining  the wood on the frames is very time consuming. what do you think?

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We used red because our metal roof was red. We really like it. If you go with any color other than white, gray, or almond you can't use vinyl because they don't make vinyl windows in the darker colors. We used aluminum clad wood windows from Jeld Wen. Sorry for the poor picture quality. I shrunk it so much it lost some clarity.
How did you match your trim color to your window color?  Is it a perfect match?  It looks good.  Wonder if you remember the paint color and brand?  thx!
Our windows are Jeld-Wen Mesa Red. The door is Pella. All the trim metal came from the guy that supplied the standing seam roof. We just took a color chart from Jeld wen down and he looked through his various color charts and found the color from the supplier he preferred to work with anyway. Of course the color was called something else like cinnamon or something. The door into the mud room that you cannot see was yet another brand because I couldn't get what I wanted in Pella. It is a metal door and came primed. I took a sample of the trim metal in to our local true value store and they scanned it with their computer and matched up an exterior enamel paint. BTW, the door casing for the side door was wood, but I just ran some trim metal through my siding brake and made metal cladding for it. I am doing the same thing on the garage trim.

I just did a cursory glance through some different websites for window manufacturers - the colors for vinyl abound!  I found hunter green, a dark pine green, white, black & everything in between.  I didn't pay attention to price, only looking for color options. I didn't look for aluminium clad because there was too much to look through.


Visit some of those sites & see what you find.  You might be surprised at what is offered out there.


-- Charis w/ Sashco

We went with alum clad exterior with wood interior. yes there is alot of work to  finish the wood.from our experiance any color  other than white or brown in the alum clad was an additional expense per window. for the vinly we were offered a basic 3 choices white,brown and beige. we could get almost any color we wanted from the manufacturer but it would be painted on over white. painting was also a considerable expense. they also gave us the option of painting ourselves to save the expense. i know thre are excellent paints and can paint almost any surface,but i didnt feel comfortable with the paint holding up on the we opted for brown alum clad and finishing the wood interior ourself.

Red is my favorite...Jeld Wen Mesa Red, Marvin Wineberry red...others have aluminum clad red windows too.
Bronze (and some of the browns) looks excellent too.
Traditional color is Green...You can get Green in Vinyl (Anderson) or aluminum clad.
Also I saw a color similar to Cobalt blue that was very nice (I think it was Marvin).
I had looked at the Jeld Wen Chesnut Bronze which was nice. I was trying to weigh staining the wood window vs hating the white vinyl. Vinyl only comes in white, gray or tan unless it is vinyl clad w/ wood on the inside. thanks for the input.

Yeah, I hear that.

But wood is so nice on the inside.......its worth the effort to paint or stain.

I know some of the vinyl anderson windows come pre-finished on the inside.

Remember vinyl will absorb stain if it get on it.


Color is a pretty personal decision. I would say the best color is the one you like -- or maybe the one you like that doesn't offend your neighbors. I went with a dark, almost forest green (, but I could easily have done lots of others. Try a search like this to see lots of examples and get some ideas:
Our builder used Lincoln windows.  They are dark green on the outside to match our green metal roof, but framed out with wood to match the logs and they are wood on the inside that match the interior side of the logs.  Love them! You can check out pics on my page.
We did forest green and love the look.


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