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Hi there. . .brand new at this forum, but I need some inspiration & help.  Just bought a 30 year old log home which needed a LOT of work.  I am looking for ideas for window trim.   ESPECIALLY if your logs were hand stripped, like mine, and VERY irregular!  The guy who built my house literally went into the woods behind my house, chopped down some trees, and built this house.  None of the logs are similar, and I'm doing this trim myself. 


In addition to figuring out the style of trim I'd like, I'm also looking for inspiration on the color.  Exterior stain color on the house is a VERY dark brown, and I bought aluminum clad windows in an ivory.  My chinking color matches the windows exactly.  Do I continue this ivory theme, or go with a stained wood?  I just don't think the stained wood would look good -- anyone have photos to share?






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I think a dark paint -- forest green or deep burnt red -- always looks good on cabins. For the trim itself, you are probably going to have to do some shaping to get it to conform to the round logs. I'd try and make sure water will flow off of it easily so it doesn't pool and cause problems for you. For inspiration, you might try doing a search in your favorite search image for something like:


  window trim "log cabin" OR "log house"


and select the option to display images only. Or visit your local library and page through some architectural books or books devoted to cabins.

Hey kinda new to the forum. If it was mine, I would cut out around windows to allow for a 3x6 or 4x10 spruce, depending on the size of your logs. Set your windows in those. It will seal up good be easy to trim out and look the best.



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