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I'm really hoping someone can offer me some good advice here. I'm having a log house built in Transylvania, Romania. We're now at the point where we're almost ready to install our Windows.

We'd like to use PVC to keep the costs down and to make maintenance easier but our builder is really trying to put us off by saying the logs won't settle properly unless we use wooden Windows and we might experience all sorts of problems.

The cynic in me thinks is is because they have only used wooden Windows previously so actually have no experience with PVC Windows. It's not unusual in Romania to be very negative about something they're not experienced with. 

Any advice anyone can give would be really gratefully received.



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Hello Amanda - it's not the type of window that won't allow the logs to settle properly, it's the jamb system that the window is attached to.  If the jambs allow for settlement and the window header has a space above to allow the logs to settle properly - it will not matter the brand, type or product that the window is made from.  For maximum energy efficiency - check the U-rating for any window to confirm you're getting the best insulated window for the money. In addition - the window and door installation process is key to energy efficiency - making sure the nail flange is properly sealed against air and water infiltration.  Regards - Donald

Hi Donald

thank you so much for the quick reply. I was hoping you were going to say that!  So a good reputable window supplier should be able to fit any product that I want providing they understand how a log house "works"?


Hello Amanda - in short yes - a good window and door is key in a log home, however it's not the window manufacturer than needs to understand the settlement issue - it's the installer of the window/door jambs and headers.  Your log manufacturer should have some sort of installation detail of these jambs and headers.  We supply these pre-cut jamb/header materials in our packages, however some companies do not. Get with your builder to ask if they understand the slotted jamb and shortened header concept to allow for settlement as well as how to properly seal around the windows/doors to prevent air/water infiltration.


well the saga with our Windows continues. Our builder doesn't supply the jambs or headers. He clearly doesn't agree with putting UPVC into a log house and says it's better for us to employ a window compan who will make the jambs and headers following the method that he specifically uses for cutting the voids in the wood. He was explaining that when he cuts the voids he the cuts a specific "shape" into the log into which a bespoke jamb would fit. 

 If we still insist on having UPVC we will have to find someone (a carpenter I'm presuming) who will be able to make the jambs etc unless anyone can suggest something else?

thank you



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