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Hi, we're getting to replace the windows in our log cabin. They're currently wood windows, Anderson, but are 34 years old and starting to fall apart, so it's time! My question is whether anyone has put vinyl windows in their log cabin or whether most people go with wood? I know the wood will look better and I'm having a hard time picturing vinyl in here (white or sandstone color). Any thoughts for me? Thanks!

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I have used all wood,vinyl and alum.clad. The wood take more care and upkeep, the vinyl look like vinyl and are not IMO as good as wood, the alum.clad need very little care and look good for a long time.
I will never use vinyl on anything but a shed or outbuilding.

Dear Fi Smith: I agree with Glen - the wood interior/aluminum clad exterior will greatly reduce your maintenance over time and they look great in log homes. Most window manufacturers offer several options of color for the exterior aluminum so if you have green shingles or red accents outside your home you can choose these colors to match. Having a wood interior will keep the wood look constant inside the home. You'll enjoy all the new features in windows that were not offered 34 years ago (tilt-sash for easy clean) and possibly increase the energy efficiency of your home! Cheers - Donald
Fi - I've heard great things from homeowners about the wood interior/alum clad exterior windows. So you know, most caulking products will adhere to whatever you use but be sure that there's no "weird" coatings or finishes on the window frames, just in case. You'll obviously want to seal around your windows once they're in.

-- Charis
I have a window guy coming to our house next week and he'll go over all the issues with me. He did tell me on the phone today that wood holds up a very long time these days because they manufacturing is so much better on wood windows now than it was a few decades ago. I think we'll stay with least that's the way I'm leaning now!


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