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First log home and suddenly noticed a bunch of these holes showing up in the roof.  HELP!!

Any suggestions on how to deal with them (both he repair and preventative??).

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What you have is an infestation of Carpenter bees and they are making those "beautiful" round holes in your soffit and fascia. This is common for all homes with exposed wood surfaces and is not unique for log homes. Please refer to teh February 2014 issues of our publication, Log Living Gazette, for information on how to deter further Carpenter Bee damage and how to fix any damage already done.


Thank you!

You may want to check our website periodically as we do provide a lot of useful information for log home owners in our Blog and the Log Living Gazette. We also have a YouTube channel with even more information.

Also, depending on where you live, you may have an issue with woodpeckers in the winter as they try to get to the larvae in the Carpenter Bee nests. The woodpeckers will literally peck away chunks of wood to gain access to the larvae - causing more damage. A good way to keep the woodpeckers away from those spots is to place a length of about 2' to 3'  of silver holographic tape near the problem spot and allow the wind to "flutter it" around. What I do is let that length of tape hang from one of my windows on that side, but you could staple or tack it closer to the spot. The tape scares the woodpeckers away. I use "BRITE WAY" tape and buy it off of Amazon. It is about 2" wide and comes in a 350-foot roll, which is almost a lifetime worth.

Ugh... thank you so much for the information.  I thought it was woodpecker issue so have a contractor plugging holes and installing netting.  Sounds like I need to find a way to apply pesticides 35ft up off uneven ground instead!

Do you happen to know if there is any product that I could use with an extended sprayer for home application? I could probably get wiithin 5 ft of the holes (at least six that size) using ladders but it won't be easy.  Thanks again for any input.

You can use a hand-held pump sprayer to apply the LambdaCS or similar chemical. You can also buy a powered back sprayer that will reach a good 40 or 50 feet for about $150.

Another option would be to buy an extending spray can holder and use Spectracide Carpenter Bee Foam Spray in just the holes. I bought one that extends about 30 feet or so on-line for around $80 delivered. Of course this will not allow you to "coat" the whole house to help repel them.

Perfect..thank you so much for the help!


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