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I cut down a bunch of huge western red cedar trees about a month ago here in Missouri, that I am having milled into live edge fascia boards around 1 x 8,  random lengths. My question is, can I skip the kiln process and hang them green ? I know a tree doesnt shrink much at all in length and I'm  not worried about the  inch in width of potential shrinkage for now, What would you pro builders do, Kiln or not to kiln ?? I know some of you guys build with green lumber . Thanks Greg Beck

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We'll that one fell on deaf ears, the builders corner is a ghost town for advise !

Yea I ain't been on much.

I think the green problem is minamal with 3/4 inch wood. you may get some splits as the 3/4 boad drys out

and there will be some curling as the front dries first. So let it dry for a week of good weather and have at it :)

Hey Greg, Cedar is a low moisture wood to begin with. Stack your lumber with slats between out side

,under cover for maximum circulation. Six months at the most.We are Katahdin Cedar Log Home Dealer/Builders for the Mid Atlantic Region. That wood should be for interior stuff.  Thanx.  Jim and Pam


Great advise, new to the group but this would be my advise also.  Adding that it should stay slatted for a minimum of 10 weeks, after that the drying would be so minimum that that it would never be seen 22 1/2 deg bevels at all butt joints and square but where your eves meet your rakes... also fyi get a sealant on it asap (possibly prior to it going up)to prevent graying.


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