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Is there any other way to make a level cut on the bottom of tree, other than eyeballing it with a chain saw ?

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Yes Greg there is.  You get a level base (I have a concrete pad) and cover it with a sheet of ply. Ping two chalk lines on the tree along its length, the second 90 degrees around the trunk from the first.  These lines should divide the tree in half.  You then hang the tree above the base so that it is resting on the base. Move it around so that with a spirit level, the chalk lines are both vertical.  Make sure that it won't move, then with a scriber scribe around the base of the tree keeping one nib on the ply.  This is then the cut line for the chain saw.  Make a chisel cut along the line before chain sawing so that you don't have a ragged edge and cut just below the line.  Finish off with a sander and slightly concave the bottom for a perfect fit to the floor.  Is this for your staircase?

Still haven't got my tree in the great room, recession then a divorce, hoping this summer, did you get you tree in the house Jon, would love to see a picture

Yes sir, it is for my staircase tree, I followed some of what you said, let me run over it, so I know Ive got it right.  1.) Level pad. 2.) Two chalk lines along length of tree, opposite sides I presume ?  3.) One chalk line around the trunk.  4.) These lines should divide the tree in half ??  Here's where you lost me Jon, please elaborate this point more ? Thank you for teaching me, I really appreciate it !

Hi Greg.  I'm pleased to know that I am not the only one that takes a long time to get things done.

I thought the instructions were quite clear.  Just follow them through step by step.  I should have added that this method only really applies to logs with the roots still attached.

To reiterate:  When you ping the chalk lines along the length of the tree, look along the line to check that you have 50% of the tree on either side of the line before you "ping" it.  You need two lines, one 90 degrees around from the other.  The reason for these lines is so that you can hang the tree vertically.

The cut line around the bottom is made with a scriber and goes in and out around the roots as well.

I hope that makes things clearer.  As far as I know, it is the only method by which you can get the roots to sit flat to the floor

Thanks buddy, I'll give it a go, it's gonna be tough with a 32' tree, I'm gonna try and sell the movie rights , lol

Hi Greg, I wondered what happened to you.

I still haven't got my tree in.  Although the roots are half cut (they will flow over a step in the floor height)

It won't be long though.  Maybe next week.  Just making gable ends.  Once they are done I will be on to it.

Yep I will post some pics.  It's a big tree, about 700mm in diameter!

We use feet to.measure, cool idea about it flowing over a step, I'm sure Newzeland is awesome as usual, take care and send a pic,thanks

Being from England Greg, I can do feet.  700mm equals roughly 2ft 4ins  Then its going to have treads 4ft wide.  So total diameter of the stairs 10ft 4ins!!!  Should be big enough :)


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