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Not really sure this is really a designing issue, but have received great advice from this group before so here it goes.......


I'm looking for advice from those who have experience cleaning real wood floors:  What product, if any, would you recommend using for daily/weekly cleaning?  I'm hoping to find something that will do as little harm as possible to the finish.  We went with red oak (unfinished); they sanded, buffed, & coated it three times.  When asked, the installer recommended we use a dry mop?   This might work for a little while, but after several weeks, months, years of clean/sanitary would it really be?    Any comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks so much!

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Hello neighbor! Theresa recommended "Bona" to me...I did get it while I was there and used it already, Clampets carries it. Here's a link to review the product...
Simply use a dilluted mixture of white distilled vinegar and water as this works perfectly on the hardwood floors as well as other surfaces. The vinegar is also a dissinfectant. Just sponge mop it on and off.

I'm surprised your installer doesn't know this as this has been used for years on wood floors.

Joe, Hi. Thanks for your response. That's what I thought too! I've used distilled vinegar for years cleaning my homes on tile, laminate, windows, etc. On those surfaces, it works great! I was very surprised (& disappointed) to hear from several sources, including our installer, that vinegar is one of the worst things you can use on a finished hardwood floor as the acid (no matter how much you dilute it) eats away the finish. That's why I'm asking for help from our experts here at Loghomeu.
I think he is confusing white vinegar with ammonia which is a no no. There are dozens of web sites covering wood floor care and they all recommend White vinegar. We used it for years on our polyureathaned oak floors. Here is a sample web site.

Vinegar will affect raw wood and is used as part of a 2 step process for cleaning wood.

Joe, Hey! Here's one of many websites I've found that advise you against using Vinegar for cleaning hardwood floors: using vinegar to clean hardwood floors

This particular one does say you can use it but only as a last resort & less than twice a year. This is exactly why I turned to our experts here. Way too many differences of opinion for me. I'd rather here it from a source here on our forum who can 'literally' speak from experience. Do you, yourself, have hardwood floors you've used vinegar to clean on a reqular basis? Thanks again.
Yes, for 10 years. It was recommended by the people who installed the floor originally. Needless to say you want to use it diluted as recommended and not let it sit on the wood floor for long periods. If the floors were varnished, or shellaced, both of which are much softer then polyureathane, you might not want to use it.

I couldn't get to the article that you referenced but in the same web site they were talking about "waxed" hardwood floors. You would not use vinegar on the wax as it would dissolve it. Double check what finish they were talking about.

I steam clean all of my floors - including hardwood. I love it.
I to have used vinegar and water solution, but to shine up the floors I have been using a product by Rubbermaid called Professional Plus which I like. It is made for Hardwood floors as well as laminates.

Hi Shelley! My sister has used Bona on her wood floors for years....loves it!

I also clean houses for a living....and I have used Bona on my hard wood

floors too...Works great....No build up and brings the shine back into the wood.

Great product! It comes in a nice spray bottle and you can use a nice microfiber

mop...Spray and wipe.....simple and way easier then mixing vinegar and water!

Good luck neighbor!

Hi Julie!   Good to hear from you.   Yeah, we ended up using the Bona product as well as our floor installers used a 'Bona' product to finish it.  Thought we couldn't go wrong using it.  Thanks so much for all your kind comments.  We love our home;  turned out better than we could have ever dreamed.

Well great....glad you found something....I did notice

later were looking for this cleaner quite some

time ago....some of these post are quite old.....I guess

folk get busy and the newness of this site wears off! For

now, I am enjoying looking at all your beautiful homes.

I love log cabins and thankful to be blessed to also live

in one!!  Have a great day Shelley!


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