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March 2019 Blog Posts (21)

4 Tree Grooming Tips to Turn Your Wild Backyard Into a Beautiful Garden

4 Tree Grooming Tips to Turn Your Wild Backyard into a Beautiful Garden

A backyard can be a very important place for a family. It can be a place to relax. It can be a place for parties and social gatherings. It can be a place for children to play where their parents know…


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See a SIP Home Erected During Live Demonstration

The public is invited to attend an event in Blue Ridge, Georgia, on Thursday, April 4, from 10 a.m. til 2 pm EST. Attendees can watch the panels being erected on a SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel) home. Industry experts will show you how it's done and be there to answer any questions related to this versatile and very efficient system.

The event is being hosted by Jason Atkins of Blue Ridge Mountain Log Homes, LLC.…


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How to turn your backyard in landscaping oasis?

How to turn your backyard in landscaping oasis?

Maybe you have taken a good look at your backyard and realized it has been neglected for some time. Luckily, you can turn it into your personal landscaping oasis in no time. A few tricks and a bit of will and you will be able to escape the noise and rush of everyday life in no time.

To DIY or…


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5 Chic Industrial Style Home Renovation Ideas

There are many great reasons to remodel your home. For one, it can make it more enjoyable for you and your family to live in. It can make it more attractive to guests. It can also help to increase the value of your home if you ever wish to sell it in the future.

There are a lot of different styles to choose from when remodeling your home’s…


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Home Health Emergencies: 4 Things to Look out For

Good health requires that you are alert to everything you eat, drink, or breathe. Because we spend so much time at home, it is important to be in tune with what happens there. It is also the area in which you have the most control, compared to your workplace, the outdoors, or businesses. Be sure to keep your eyes open for problems in these basic areas.

Drinking Water

We often assume that the water we drink is pure and healthy. While it is true that…


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Preventing Mold Growth in Your Cabin: 4 Common Causes of a Leaky Roof

Mold is a serious problem in the cabin. Not only is it unsightly and very difficult to clean, it can cause serious health problems for the occupants of the cabin. That’s especially true of the youngest and oldest occupants, and of those who have allergies or asthma. Mold can only grow when there is moisture present, and because a leaking roof is a…


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Mother Nature’s Decor: 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Home a Paradise

You can’t fool Mother Nature, but when it comes to simple additions to make your home a paradise, you’ll want to draw from nature and you won’t have to fool anyone about incorporating natural elements in your home. Intermingling natural design elements in a home can be accomplished in different ways and there are hundreds of ideas out there to make…


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A New Cabin for A Family with a Plan

Interview by Claudia Johnson, Honest Abe Log Homes Director of Marketing.

Seth and Lovie Sellers will welcome visitors to their new log home near Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, during the Honest Abe Spring Log Home Tour on March 23.…


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A Second Log Home for True Enthusiasts

Interview by Claudia Johnson, Honest Abe Log Homes

See photo gallery: Apple Home Photo Gallery

Honest Abe homeowners Jerry and LeeAnne Apple are opening their new log home to guests on Saturday, March 23, during the Honest Abe Log…


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Learn to find the perfect trades with low risk

If you want to make some good money in the trading business, Forex will be good for you. As this market in this platform is much more volatile than any of the others, there are much more chances in here. The traders will also be able to be patient into the system. In fact, the traders will have to be like that for a good experience in the business. In the following of this article, we are going to mention some necessary tips for making the trading business enjoyable. All of them will be…


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Tips for Choosing the Right General Practitioner

A general practitioner is much more than only a doctor. Over time, she or he learns about you and your personality, lifestyle, medical history, reaction to specific medications, and treatment preferences. This intimate knowledge gained by your doctor can make an incredible difference in your health.

Since your health is your primary concern, you should know how to choose the right hausarztmodell who understands your…


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Read the March edition of Honest Abe Living!

The March issue of Honest Abe Living invites you to a Spring Log Home Tour featuring two new log homes. Read interviews with the homeowners and view snapshots of each home. Find out what the hottest color choice in home decor is for 2019. Learn why Honest Abe uses Douglas Fir for timber components.…

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God is in the Details: 5 Heavenly Tips to Elevate Your Remodel

A remodel should be more than just a simple update, it should also help beautify your home. There are a few details to consider to help elevate your remodel beyond your expectations. The following are just five tips to consider to add more beauty to your remodel.

Crown Molding

You might want to consider installing crown molding now…


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Spring Cleaning: How to Prepare for a Major Home Overhaul

Spring cleaning is more than an opportunity to air out your house and remove dust bunnies from under the furniture. You can use it as a way of prepping for a major home overhaul. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or repainting the entire interior, a clean and organized home will make the process a lot easier. Let’s look at a few ways you make…


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The Importance of Name Badges for Businesses

Name badges are an essential element for businesses, facilitating communication between customers and employees and helping to build a corporate identity at the same time. Name badges customised by the company function as employee identification, which is crucial in any business. These badges also come in handy for sales, marketing and corporate events. Many companies even use reusable name badges for events and conferences.



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Why Find a Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal injury cases come up all of the time, and you’re likely trying to work out whether your situation is going to warrant you going after everything. How can you be sure that you’re doing what is right?

Before you Click Here and check out information about lawyers that can help you to get ahead and take care of your personal injury case, you may want to sort out details as to whether or not a personal injury lawyer…


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Types of Skin disorders during pregnancy

Pregnancy not only brings joy to a woman's life but somehow help to enhance her appearances with glowing skin.  Some women are not lucky like other pregnant women and often face various skin related problems during their pregnancy. The skin problems can be pimples or itchy rashes on the body or they can be the ugly stretch marks on the expanding belly of a pregnant woman. Skin problems can make her look like an oily faced teenager instead of a glowing princess every pregnant woman expects to…


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Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Kitchener Redesigned

What type of space is your kitchen in the house? How valuable you think this space could be for you and your entire family? Of course, kitchen is the hub and central point of any house. Most of the important and regular activities take place here. Therefore, it is important to make your kitchen look exquisitely beautiful, elegantly furnished, lavishly designed and it has to be perfectly functional just according to your needs and demands. For that you obviously have to get your kitchen…


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Capital Garage Door Ottawa Services Suit Best

When you need to get your capital garage door Ottawa repaired, then you cannot take any risk of hiring a non-professional garage door repair firm or professionals. If you would make a mistake and hire an untrained team, then it would cost you a lot of time and money. Moreover, you will be badly disturbed. Therefore, the teams has to be knowledgeable and skilful enough to deal with any type of issue with garage doors. The…


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Bathroom Repair Contractors GTA Can Keep You Out Of Trouble

Bathroom is one of the most commonly and frequently used indoor spaces of your home. Moreover, this space has a lot of value and importance as it is also one of the most private areas of your house. Therefore, a lot of value and importance has to be given to this space in terms of its designing, furnishing, finishing and of course cleaning. In case you think that your bathroom needs a little attention and pampering, then you are in need of hiring one of the best…


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