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4 Ways to Make Your Cabin in the Country Even Better

Being in the country doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy all of the same things as in the city. You can do a few upgrades on your cabin in order to improve the feel of it. Here are some of the ways that you can go about increasing the appeal of your cabin.

Focus on Comfort

A comfortable home is important so that you can kick back and…


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4 Cabin Repairs You Might Need to Make After a Long Winter

Cabins are likely to require some sort of repairs after a long winter. This is because of the nature of their construction and the fact that many people consider them a retreat. Here are some of the more common repairs in which you’ll want to focus your efforts.

Investigate Your Plumbing

Plumbing can be a major concern after a…


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In the Market for a New Log Home? How to Find a Good One

Buying a home is going to change your life forever, but finding the perfect piece of property is easier said than done. Here is a quick glimpse at a few steps that you can take to find a beautiful home at a great price.

Double Check Your Finances

Well before you even think about making an offer on a home, you need to make sure that…


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4 Reasons Your House Might Have Low Water Pressure

When we reach for the handle on a faucet or commode, we expect enough water pressure for everything to work normally. When that doesn’t happen, we should do some investigating. If you have a problem with low water pressure, consider these four possible causes.

Clogged Pipes

Water is full of minerals, especially in areas with hard…


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How to Keep Your Cabin Comfy in the Winter Weather

Even though many people dream of owning a cabin out in the wilderness, those types of buildings can be drafty and poorly insulated. In order to keep your cabin comfy during the coldest months of the year, you might need to carry out at least a few upgrades and renovations.

Add Insulation to the Roof

While having a large roof with…


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Remodeling? Here's 4 Things You Will Need

When it is time to remodel a home, there are many things to consider about the process. You should have a plan in place to make remodeling a smooth process that is less stressful. Here are four ways to make the remodel of a home faster and easier.

Hiring a Licensed Contractor

While you may have some do-it-yourself skills, you will…


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5 Wintertime Ways to Improve Your Home

During the wintertime, you can continue to improve your home so that it is more comfortable to live in and so that it will have an increase in value. As a homeowner, it is essential to maintain and improve your home. Here are some of the ways to improve your home this winter.

Get Rid of the Clutter in Closets

When it is winter, you have extra time for sorting through your possessions to get rid of the clutter that is inside your home. If you have a bedroom closet that is…


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Tiling and Toiling: 4 Cabin Updates for a Distinctive Look

When you want to update your cabin, you should create a distinctive appearance with special design elements. There are a variety of materials that you can add to your house in different rooms to have a cabin that has a unique look. Consider using one or more of these cabin updates.

Marble Countertops

Natural marble countertops are…


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Cabin Enclosure: 4 Kinds of Shades for Your Windows

The type of shades that you want for your windows can vary depend on your personal preferences. There are any numbers of styles, sizes, and colors that you can select from that aren’t just traditional curtains. Here are just a few of the options that are available.

Honeycomb Options

Venetian blinds were and are still popular. A more…


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Make Your Cabin Last Longer Against Mountain Elements

Cabins should be a cozy winter escape. It's harder to escape, though, if the mountain weather has taken its toll. Early prevention and protection ensures both safety and enjoyment for years to come.

Seal It In

Roof sealant provides an extra layer of insurance against heavy snow. The sealant becomes the surface that takes the brunt of…


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How to Prevent and Treat Ice Formation on Your Roof

There’s nothing more beautiful on a crisp, winter morning than icicles hanging from a roofline. Looking through a child’s eyes, the more significant these icicles are, the better. However, they are often an indication of a substantial problem with your roof.

Ice dams occur when water comes down the roofline and freezes. If the gutters are…


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How to Protect and Insulate Your Home From the Harsh Winter Weather

Protecting your home against the harsh winter weather is a significant task. The better your home’s insulation, the lower your heating bills for the season. Here are a few things that you need to do before ‘Old Man Winter’ comes knocking at your door.

Seal Windows and Doors

One of the easiest things you can do to have a dramatic impact…


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Furnishing a New Cabin: 4 Options for Smart Owners

Buying a new cabin allows you to spend time in nature without having to pitch a tent, and you’ll feel better staying in your cabin with the right furnishings. The best furnishings can give you all the comforts of home and provide additional conveniences that will make your time in the woods more enjoyable. These four furnishing options are perfect for…


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How to Know if Your Chosen Lot is a Good Space to Build On

Building your own home comes with many advantages, such as energy efficiency, monetary savings and the ability to customize everything, but there are also many pitfalls to watch out for. One potential hazard to avoid is building your home in a bad location. How do you know if your chosen lot is a good space to build on or not? Here are five questions to consider before breaking ground.

What Utilities Are Available?

Utilities like electricity, water and natural gas are…


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How to Soundproof Your Cabin From the Outdoors

A cabin in the woods can be the perfect permanent or seasonal retreat. However, these structures are not known for being soundproof at their most basic, and owners may be interested in finding ways to reduce noise coming in from the outside. Here are just a few methods for soundproofing you may want to use.

Design With Buffers in…


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Got Sinking Concrete? 4 Solutions for the Inexperienced Cabin Owner

Sinking concrete can be a huge hassle for any and all homeowners. It can be particularly frustrating to homeowners who simply do not have a lot of experience. If you have a concrete sinking dilemma on your hands, however, there are a number of options that may be able to turn your anxiety-inducing situation around right away. Don’t be too intimidated…


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A Guide to Choosing the Best Wood for Your Home Remodel

Remodeling your home can be difficult if you are not sure where to begin. One of the most important considerations to think about is the type of wood you choose for your home remodel. Different types of lumber can offer different advantages, and knowing how to choose the best wood can allow you to enjoy a more complete remodeling experience.…


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Cabin Consistency: 4 Maintenance Tasks for Fall Readiness

When you have a beautiful cabin in the mountains, you should maintain it during the autumn season to avoid any problems that might occur throughout the winter. Don’t wait until it begins to rain or snow to perform these essential cabin maintenance tasks. Use these four tips for autumn readiness for your cabin.

Repair Your Cabin’s…


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How to Prevent Flooding in Your Home

As a homeowner, you must have a concern about possible flooding in your home that can lead to serious damage. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to prevent flooding in a home, but you must prepare beforehand to avoid having a home that you can’t live in while it is undergoing repairs. Consider these tips to prevent flooding in your…


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How to Take Better Care of Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be the perfect types of flooring to fit any style home. They not only add value to your house, but they can provide a low maintenance option for your highly trafficked rooms. Taking care of your hardwood floor is the key to extending its lifespan and keeping money in your wallet.

Use Microfiber Mops

Using a traditional broom with hard bristles on your hardwood floors can scratch them and be an ineffective way to trap dirt. Instead, you should utilize a mop…


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