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How to Prevent Your Home from Getting Too Hot to Handle This Summer

While most people welcome sunshine and warmer weather, the humidity and blazing temperatures can be unbearable. Thankfully, there are ways that you can prevent your home from heating up so that you can stay comfortable and cool inside.

Close Curtains and Blinds

While it’s good to let the sunshine in during the early morning hours, closing the blinds and curtains can help keep the heat at bay during peak times. Between noon to 5 pm, closing the windows off can reduce the…


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Why You Should Put a Tile Roof on Your Cabin This Year

One of the most important parts of a cabin is the roof. The roof helps to protect the rest of the structure from the elements. Without it, it would not be a shelter at all. It also makes a big impact on the visual impressions others get of the cabin. The right roof helps create its overall aesthetic. Choosing a roof for a cabin can be difficult. There…


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5 Ways You Can Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Homeownership comes with various responsibilities. Most importantly, it’s essential to safeguard your home from natural disasters. If you neglect to protect your abode in the event of a hurricane, tropical storm, or heavy rain, it’s liable to suffer water damage. Here are some tips on how you can prevent water damage from wreaking havoc on your…


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Plumbing Backed up in Your Log Cabin? 5 Tips for Maintenance

A log cabin is perfect for folks who enjoy life in the country. To prevent a plumbing backup, it’s important to properly maintain your water system. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Be Careful About What You Flush

Never make the mistake of using your toilet as a trash can. Other than your “business”, the only thing you should flush down the toilet is bathroom tissue. Even baby wipes can cause a clog in your log cabin’s sewage line. Some of the other items to keep out of…


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Spring Cleaning the Cabin: Repairs and Maintenance for Longevity

Your cabin is your summer escape and your haven when you need to get away from it all. You should look at it with a critical eye every year as you dive into spring cleaning. As you open up the windows, remove dust covers, and restock, consider what your cabin needs to maintain it for years of future enjoyment. Don’t be afraid to invest in repairs.…


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How to Pick the Perfect Roof for Your Summer Home

A summer home is a great investment. You don’t have to worry about choosing a destination or finding a hotel. Instead, you just pack up and head to your own place. Because summer homes feel more like a hotel sometimes, we often forget that we still have to perform routine upkeep. That means things like roof repair and replacement. If your summer home needs a new roof, or if you’re building a summer home, here are four things to consider when it comes to the roof.…


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4 Tricks to Improve the Curb Appeal of an Older Cabin

Cabins are great because they allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature. They also allow you to enjoy peace and quiet. If you spend a lot of time in your cabin, then it is a good idea for you to improve the curb appeal of it. There are several ways that you can boost the value of your cabin.


Fresh paint can make your cabin look…


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4 Tools You'll Need to Expand Your Basement

Expanding onto your existing basement or remodeling the entire basement floor is not only a great way to transform massive space you have available, but it is also a way to add value to your home and property itself. Whenever you are thinking of expanding your basement and adding on to the basement area of your home, there are a few tools to keep in mind.…


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The Importance of Maintaining the Roof Over Your Head Every 10 Years

The roof of your cabin is probably its most important feature. Yet because we are rarely on the roof and may not even be able to see it very well, we often neglect it. A lack of attention to the roof can cause all kinds of problems, and that’s why it’s critical to keep a regular maintenance schedule for it. Here are some specifics about why good roof…


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5 Ways to Ensure Your Construction Projects Are Safe

Construction sites involve many kinds of dangers, both predictable and unexpected. The powerful tools, heavy materials, and multi-story heights are just a few of the hazards involved in a building project. Of course, you want to provide the best service possible for your client. However, preventing worker injuries is the top priority on the job. It’s critical to think about these five steps for ensuring safety in your construction projects.…


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Why Your Cabin Is a Great Option for Sheltering in Place

There are many places that have issued a shelter in place order. This means that you can only leave your home for essential trips. It can be difficult for you to shelter in place. However, if you choose a cabin to shelter in place, then it will be a lot easier for you to stay…


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5 Common Explanations for Mystery Water Leaks in Your Cabin

To save money and prevent damage to your home, you should understand the different ways that water leaks can occur. With the proper knowledge, you can inspect your home to find problems in the earliest stages so that you can make repairs as fast as possible. Here are five types of…


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4 Ways to Build up Your Survival Bunker

If you’re building a survival bunker, it’s extremely important to make it as secure and self-sufficient as possible. Your bunker is your last resort if things go extremely wrong, meaning it should be prepared for the worst possible scenarios. Here are four of the best things you can do to beef up your survival bunker and ensure that it’s ready when the time comes.…


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Springtime in the Mountains: 4 Seasonal Fixes for Your Cabin

Your cabin can be a great retreat, but you still need to maintain it. The spring is the perfect time to get all of those repairs completed before the summer heat is upon you. Here are some of the fixes that you should invest in for your cabin this spring.



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4 Construction Tips to Save You Time and Money When You Build a New Home

If you’re choosing to build a new home from the ground up instead of buying one that’s currently on the market, you’ll want to find as many ways to save time and money as possible. Completing the project more efficiently can be accomplished if the right steps are taken. Here are a few smart construction tips that will help you save time and money when…


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Looking for a Log Cabin? Here's 4 Tips for Finding the Perfect One

Because it is a highly specialized kind of real estate, finding a great log cabin isn’t always easy for buyers. Limited supply coupled with high land prices often make it difficult to find a log cabin that will fit both your needs and your budget. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to make finding a great cabin easier. Here are four tips that will help make your cabin search more successful.…


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How to Make Your Lawn a Pleasant Place to Hang Out

Next to the patio, the lawn is a good place to socialize with family and friends. Every homeowner dreams of a lawn that is full and very green. This dream is far from reality if you don’t make the effort to mow and water the grass regularly. Here are a few tips to improve the appearance of your lawn.

Grow Rich, Fertile Grass

To grow…


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Are You Building a New Home and Running Into Unexpected Problems? Here Are 4 Services You Should Keep in Mind

There is much to consider when building a new home, and the process does not always unfold as you expect it to. There are any number of reasons why you might run into unexpected problems during a new construction, but having the right professionals on your side can help alleviate these roadblocks. Consider these four services that might be a good investment.…


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4 Ways to Make Your Cabin in the Country Even Better

Being in the country doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy all of the same things as in the city. You can do a few upgrades on your cabin in order to improve the feel of it. Here are some of the ways that you can go about increasing the appeal of your cabin.

Focus on Comfort

A comfortable home is important so that you can kick back and…


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4 Cabin Repairs You Might Need to Make After a Long Winter

Cabins are likely to require some sort of repairs after a long winter. This is because of the nature of their construction and the fact that many people consider them a retreat. Here are some of the more common repairs in which you’ll want to focus your efforts.

Investigate Your Plumbing

Plumbing can be a major concern after a…


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