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How to Create a Beautiful Look in Your New Cabin

There’s nothing quite so lovely as spending a few days in your very own cabin. While the nature and serenity are what make the cabin experience, having a beautified and well-designed space can make your getaways even more relaxing. A rustic look can work if done well, but you never want the space to appear run-down. Remaking and decorating your cabin…


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How to Make Your Cabin Nice and Cozy in Time for Winter

While snow-capped mountains and glassy lakes are breathtaking, don’t be fooled by winter’s gorgeous aesthetic. Though wintertime is accompanied by picturesque oases and charming landscapes, its beauty is matched only by its icy grip. With that said, it’s imperative to transform your cabin into a comfortable, cozy haven when the most wonderful time of…


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How to Find the Right Flooring for Your New Home Project

Finding the right flooring to put in your home can be tricky. These days, there are so many options that many homeowners don't even know where to begin. With a bit of thought, though, you can quickly narrow down the list and choose the optimum flooring material. Here are four things to think about to help you find the right flooring for your new home project.…


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How to Make Some Last Minute Repairs to Your Cabin

Whether your cabin is your full-time residence or a weekend retreat, you’ll want it ready to meet the demands of your busy life. This often means making last-minute repairs that make your living space more comfortable or that prevent bigger, more expensive issues from cropping up later. When you have limited time for home improvement projects,…


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Painting Your Cabin: 4 Ways to Make the Job Look Good

Even though you might enjoy the look of your cabin as it already is, it could use a coat of paint to spruce it up a bit. Before you start painting, gather all of your supplies so that you don’t have to leave your cabin to get more items while in the middle of working. Here are a few tips that can make your paint job look good in the…


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4 Things to Check in an Old House for Safety and Presentation

Look for interior problems in your home that may cause accidents and injuries to your family members. In a decades-old house, there are some malfunctions, like a cracked roof or an uneven foundation, that are more dangerous than others. Here are 4 things to check to ensure the safety of an old house.…


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4 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Water Well at Your Cabin

Owning a cabin means dealing with the difficulties of off-grid logistics. Among the many problems you'll have to solve is that of providing your cabin with fresh, reliable water. Fortunately, a well can be an easy answer. Here are four reasons you should consider having a water well at your cabin.…


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How to Quickly Repair Your Cabin’s Roof in Time for Winter

A cabin, timeshare, or vacation home that has fallen into disrepair may prove to be a more serious issue than you might expect. Even a small roof leak can be a major aggravation and more serious roofing issues can easily ruin an otherwise perfect holiday. From routine inspections to long-term maintenance and emergency repairs, knowing how to better avoid or…


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4 Services to Run Yearly on Your Cabin Home

Feeling close to the outdoors is easy when you're in your cabin home. To avoid having major problems that could result in major headaches, though, there are some unique maintenance items that you need to take on every year to keep your cabin home in tip-top shape. Once you get into the habit of performing these services on an annual basis, you will be…


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A Simple Guide to Installing New Windows in Your Cabin

Besides your home, you can have a cabin where you will base your workshop activities. Also, you can use the cabin like a house since they are energy efficient. However, you will ensure that the cabin is in a proper state. Repairs like window repair are ideal. The article below, therefore, explains how you would install a new window into your cabin.…


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How to Prevent and Treat a Termite Infestation

Termites might not carry human diseases like other household pests, but they can be a very expensive problem. An estimated five billion dollars’ worth of damage is caused by termites every year, and termites can even lead to fires or compromise your home’s structure. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to…


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How to Make Your Cabin Bathroom Something Special

A cabin is a worthwhile investment. However, you may need to make a few renovations in order to get the most out of your cabin. Your bathroom is one of the places that you need to focus on. There are several renovations that you can make to your bathroom.

Install Heated Floors

Log cabins are comfortable to live in. However, they can get nippy…


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4 Ways You Need to Prepare Your Home for Winter

With the days growing shorter and the temperatures getting cooler, it’s time to get your home ready for the winter season. While there are plenty of things you can check out and have done, these four should be attended to promptly so you don’t get caught by an unexpected problem or midwinter emergency.

Inspect Your Roof

Have an expert…


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How to Keep Your Cabin Pest-Free for the Fall

When fall arrives, we all start making plans to spend more time indoors and less time out in the elements. Pests are the same way. Even native species that are well-adapted to your climate will start trying to find somewhere to hibernate or at least stay a little warmer. Your cabin could become their destination if you don’t take some simple steps to…


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Cabin Commode: 4 Ways to Finish Your Bathroom Project

When you’re doing a bathroom remodel project, you’re probably looking for ways to make the room shine and look truly special. Finding the perfect finishing touches can bring your bathroom from boring to beautiful. Take a look at these tips on finishing your bathroom.

Cabinet Handles

If you want to add some style to your cabinets, put…


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Closing up the Cabin: 4 Final Repairs to Do Before Winter Hits

The harsh winter weather can do a lot of damage to your cabin. That is why it is important for you to take care of the necessary repairs before the winter hits. You will need to make sure that the following repairs are done.

Plumbing Repairs

There are a number of plumbing issues that can result during the winter. For example, your…


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Building Out Your Profile: How to List and Sell Log Cabins

A log cabin is a private, scenic alternative to a traditional home. Buying one is ideal for weekend getaways and long summer vacations. Follow these tips on proven ways to sell and list your log cabins.

Decide Between Local, National or International Audiences

Decide how expansive your search for buyers will be. Some cabin owners stop…


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Building a Cabin? 4 Options You Should Consider Beforehand

Many people dream of building their own cabin from the ground up, but that type of project can be a major undertaking. Well before you break ground, there are a few key choices that you will need to make if you want your cabin to remain comfortable and damage-free for many years to come.

Water Source

Even if you plan on packing in your…


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Building a Cabin? How to Do it Right the First Time

Building a rustic cabin on a remote piece of land is a dream for many people. Having a quiet place to go for some rest among the beautiful trees and wildlife is a great way to decompress. Of course, like any other project, it can go wrong if it’s not properly planned. Follow these four steps to make sure that your cabin relieves stress instead of…


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How to Keep Your Cabin Cool and Comfy in the Summer

Owning a cabin is a great way to have a ready-made getaway any time of year. Whether it’s a break from the heat of the city or an escape to the cold of the mountains, a comfortable cabin can be just what you need to recharge. Of course, cabins are usually rustic by design and don’t have air conditioning. Here are four ideas on helping your cabin maintain a…


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