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John Duke's Blog – October 2010 Archive (5)

Romancing the cabin

A bracing cold Virginia night in a dark, half-finished cabin under a white moon, a bottle of deep red wine on the table, my heart's throb a breath away -- and Mr. Seals. Why not share the love?

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Securing the perimeter

The world is a happier, brighter place today. My thumbs ache and my back is sore, but the front line in my battle against the evil that is bamboo has been pushed back beyond the western edge of the cabin. For the first time since the cabin came into our family in 2001, we have clear views of the two cabins to the north and to south of us.

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Dead logs, live trees

The more we have examined the logs after the ice blast, the more we are coming to the conclusion that we are going to have to go to some additional effort to get the look we want. The problem is that a lot of the old finish remains on some of the logs. By sanding or scraping, we can get down to white wood, but in discussing it with Andy Bahen, we decided to let him see if a little soda blasting will clean things up enough. The boys blasted a small test… Continue

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We had a blast

One-hundred years of dirt and grime met five hundred pounds of dry ice pellets inside the cabin. Only the strong survived.

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Mock cabin

Mock chinking

One of the nice things about the people we are working with is their infinite patience and willingness to walk us through the steps to visualize what will happen and to help us understand our options. In some cases, they resort to mock-ups so we can see the idea in its space -- how a sink will work next to a curved wall, different chinking options,…


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